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The Block

Yes, i k ow its a TV show for entertainment etc, but why does Scotty have to be so friggin arrogant? Keith is just as bad, possibly worse, but also seems to really enjoy being mean, patronizing and delivering bad news. I actually don't enjoy watching or listening to either of them, it's putting me off the show entirely. Also, what qualifications does Shelly have to be providing feedback and advice to contestants about their build, ideas and decor? Her role on the show is pointless - unless channel 9 needed to tick the 'female' staff member box to help with the male/female ratio on the show or she's locked into a contract with chanel 9 and they've got nothing else to do with her. Again, im aware its a tv show, they need to create drama etc but those 3 really put me off. Maybe they can have an overhaul next season and get some new presenters. I hear master chef and my house rules will have new hosts but i dont watch those show, my kids like the block though so we watch it. Vent over!


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Imagine if you could just choose not to watch it. That would solve your problem

 😆 I love this response. Can we be friends?
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Yeah what is the point of Shelly LOL I find her a pest.

I like it. I like Scotty & Keith. I don't share your opinion at all.

I like the block too but haven’t been watching this season. It’s so full of drama as much as any drama showis and it’s supposed to be reality tv 🙄