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Child support rant

How is $430 a year enough to “raise” a child? Keeps having more kids and child support goes down. It’s the only way he “supports” my child because he has never bothered to be apart of my child’s life. He finds a new girlfriend has a baby with her and then a few years later moves on and does the same again. If I did that I would be called a slut who is bleeding the system (and rightfully so) but he does it and everyone sees him as the “victim”. He can afford alcohol and smokes but can only pay $430 a year to help raise the child he willingly made.


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He sounds like a loser. I can't imagine anyone thinking a man who does this is hard done by. He has made his bed. The poor kids he is leaving all over the place though, that is sad znd you have to wonder about the women after you who are falling pregnant to this guy. If I met a guy who had kids that he had nothing to do with then the last thing I would be doing is falling pregnant to him.

I get the same from my ex for our 2 daughters. He is on a disability pension and doesn’t work.
Just take the money, call it a bonus, put it in a seperate account for your child.

Hmmm seems like you picked a dodgy man to have kids with.

 YOU can’t blame her for what he is doing. It’s his fault. He chose to have a child as well so he should fu****g man up and support the child.
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 Some men present themselves as trustworthy and when they break up they then show their true colours. If only men and women came with warnings on their forehead for what they will be like in the future
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Yep my ex chops and changes employment to dodge child support. His went up from $30 a month to $300 a month and I doubt he could keep up with that so no child support because I reckon he quit again so don't worry about it, you can't change it and the system is shot so it's best your child will grow up and know they truth

 Disgusting behaviour from your ex. So sorry, that sucks.
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men should be made to work to pay their child support The government are happy to make young people work for the dole them make dead beat dads do the same so the kids don't miss out

 I'm sure there are dead beat mums out there too.
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 No one is saying there aren't but I do believe they are fewer and further between. May have opened a can if worms but you do see men doing this crap all the time...probably much more than women. Just a fact.
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 Women are deadbeat in a different way...
They're manipulative and use their kids... on just as much frequency as men walk away or don't pay

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 This isn't said enough. It's always one sided.
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 I hate stereotypes I really do. My ex was manipulative and used the kids to hurt me in the exact same way you are saying women do. My partners ex has to pay him child support and does nothing whinge about it and send him abusive text messages and demand to know what hes spending money on. Both sexes are capable of any behaviour, it's not gender specific.
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 Yes, there is always two sides! We are put through hell, and really only around to give her money.
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