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If you were forced to do all the housework and child care, would you quit your job?

Especially if half your income went on child care, and the other half on luxuries that don't include you, as you get to stay home and clean all weekend!


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Overall i think we're getting the raw end of the deal here

 Amen, sister. Amen.
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I do all the housework and look after the kids. Hubby had very specific instructions for me when he told me to apply for work. I couldn’t start before 9 (because I had to take the kids to school), I had to earn over “x” amount to pay for after school care, no weekends, and if the kids are sick I have to take them with me or stay home with them. Then when I couldn’t find a job that met all that criteria, he said I mustn’t have been as smart as he used to think because nobody wanted to employ me. Idiot. He’s paying for that now.

 Wow, he sounds like a dick
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 I agree. Sounds like mine. Pricks.
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 This is gaslighting
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 I’d respond with something like ‘you can’t be too smart either if you’re not making enough money to cover for these things you mention’.
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Thanks for making me feel better! I went part time from full time because he just wouldn't help. I think this is the only way to get through.

Yes. We work it so we don't have to put our child in child care. He works i take care of her, i work he takes care of her. He's still a lazy & doesn't clean though. I told him this is why older wives do away with their husbands because they're sick of picking up after them for the last 30 years, don't be surprised if i smack on the head with a fry pan - but he doesn't give a shit.

I feel so blessed right now. We both work full time and my hubby is amazing. His hours are different and he gets home earlier, cooks dinner, cleans etc I've never had to ask him to do anything, ever in 11 years. You shouldn't be left to do it all alone, absolutely not!!!

I do all the house work and child care. I have a casual job just to get me out of the house. It's only on average 1 day a week but boy do I look forward to that day!

Hire a cleaner, it's a lifesaver and really not that expensive.

 I tried that. It was a lot of money for such a small amount of cleaning.
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  But that's not the point. She shouldn't have to hire a cleaner, he should automatically be picking up his fair (50%) share of it all.
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I think part time is so much better if you can I have tried both and found full time was way to stressful on the kids me and him too

I’m considering myself lucky now after reading all these responses.
I don’t work at all and my hubby doesn’t want me to. He helps every now and then and heaps with the kids. I get me time and he takes kids and I do my own thing or housework but no pressure

 Yes this is me too. Always considered myself lucky that I married a man who doesn’t treat me like a maid.
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 All men fall down somewhere. I consider myself a lucky girl in all other area except this one.
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 All people fall down somewhere.
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That wouldnt happen In my marriage and I wouldn't accept it. But if it was circumstances beyond our control then we would get a cleaner and cut back hours. No way id drop out of the workforce altogether because having a job protects my family

 I still work part time, it just means my husband has no disposable income now.
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If your husband is being a dick about it, yeah I probably would!
But I do like no housework now, so I better keep my job just to get out of it hahha

I think you need a roster. Or yes, quit your job, that's really not fair.

 I tried that too. I was always told that yes he would help, but never actually did.
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 ^ me too. Hubby was great for the first week but after that I just ended up lumped with it all. Its so arrogant of them.
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make tings change, hire a cleaner, or get another partner. Thats not fair you do it all.