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Why can I not stop thinking about sex?

I think about it all the time. I think about what I want my husband to do to me, I pester him every night, I read erotic stories. What is wrong with me. I swear my panties are always wet. It's not normal is it...
And to the toll who always comments, bitch away coz I'm just going to ignore you and not reply to you.


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Been like this since I was a teenager. 30 now and it's just gotten worse

OMG. This is me at the moment. Normally, my sex drive is quite low and I don’t care if sex is a monthly thing. But for the last couple of months I just want hubby’s c**k all the time. Don’t know what the change is but I just wanna f*k f*k f*k. My vibrator has been getting a good work out too.

 So glad I'm not the only one. Thank you 😘
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Enjoy it while it's last ladies 👍

 I'm 36yrs old. Everyone around my age is telling me I have an addiction coz is not normal at my age.
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