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Boil?? On vagina HELP

So I have a hard and painful lump on my vagina, right on the edge of the outer lips. It's just bigger than a pea, but not as big as a Malteser. (I've had boils before so I'm 99% sure this is one also) I've booked an app with my doc but can't get in anywhere till Friday Arvo. What can I do at home to help relieve it?? Any advice would be fantastic.


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I've had this twice, above poster is right, its a cyst. Once i squeezed it and muck came out, the other time or just went away on its own. Best of luck, they're awful but not the end of the world.

Sounds like a batholins cyst. The Dr may lance it and relieve the pain. It will be full of puss. I'd have a warm to hot bath, as hot as you can tolerate and sit in for 20 mins. This will help with the pain and may aid in bringing it to a head. It can pop on its own. They hurt! Have a bath a few times a day if you can.

OP Thankyou!!! I am only 5 weeks pregnant aswell which makes it harder. I think you were right, I woke up this morning and it's burst. Pus/blood but it's relieved all that pressure and pain. Do I still need to go to the docs?
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The doctor swabbed it, she kept telling me it was genital herpes oddly. Came back negative which I knew but now it's completely gone. Haha

 Awesome ๐Ÿ‘
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I've had them a couple times, they always go away on their own. Unless it gets infected and/or is unbearably painful I wouldn't bother with the doctor but up to you.

It's probably an ingrown hair. Google it I'm sure you'll find something.

OP It could be. But google says don't touch it if it's a boil so I don't want to go digging around in there for a hair that may not be there. The thought of that is painful ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ it's very sore.
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 I think ingrown hair too. Get some Ingrow Go or the Nair version (which is cheaper and as effective) use it 3 or more times a day till Friday, if it is an ingrown hair you should see some results in a couple of days if not, its a boil.
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OP Thankyou, I don't know if I could get one as I've had full Brazillian laser treatment so I don't actually get any pubic hair?? Can I still get an ingrown?
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My husband gets these all the time tell doctor to give you doxycycline 50mg say youโ€™ve had it before itโ€™ll be gone it 2-3 days

 P.s I say this as the general antibiotic take over week to slowly heal it up and doxy you can safely take 100mg in a day which works quicker
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