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Tell me your embarrassing falling asleep or yawing stories


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Coming down the Toowoomba range sick with gastro, I had to go in a McDonald’s Bag! Unfortunately I miss half the bag and made my dad vomit which while embarrassing I kind of hold a family medal for now as he is a coroner and can withstand some terrible things and I made him heave

I have never lived this day down 🤮🤢😭

 Oh I misread HAHAHAHHAAH i thought it said embarrassing... I really need to read the rest of these questions. Lucky it’s anonymous
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 Poor you, I couldn’t imagine anything worse than that.
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Getting my hair dyed and my eyebrows waxed at the salon, I could not keep my eyes open. Even when she's jerking my head around and ripping the wax off, I'm passing out exhausted. She laughed about it and said she understands (having kids is hard).
Another time, I'm pulled over for an RBT and as the officer is checking my licence I start falling asleep. He comes back and gives me the all clear, so I pull up up the road and rest a while. He came to make sure I was okay.

I yawned in a job interview and whaled all over the boss. I think it's called whaling. When that saliva squirts out of your mouth. Yes I got the job, 8 months later we still laugh about it.

On the Train in Amsterdam and ended up at red light district