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Weird toileting habits?

I dated this guy briefly who would use a whole roll of toilet paper to do one poo. I'd changed the roll earlier & when he came out it was empty (didn't change it of course!) When questioned he said he lines the whole bowl with toilet paper beforehand so the water doesn't splash on his bum. Weird?


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Ya that's really weird. Not to mention a huge waste of paper & bad for the sewer system. Man up! The water hardly ever splashes enough to touch you anyway.

 He's another girls problem now, hope they have a plumber on call 😆
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I know someone who picks poop out of their bum! Like digging! So gross dude

 I do when i am constipated
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 Drink more water
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 I do that when I am constipated... or when I know we’re having anal sex!
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 Yeah that's really not sexy.
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You are lucky you didn't end up with him!
My son's friend does this, he uses an entire roll and clogs the toilet. To make it worse he seems to poo all the time. I try to do play dates at the park, and if he does come over I make a there is under a quarter of toilet paper roll and move the rest. It's a pain not being able to have birthday parties at home.

 Hahaha I love the quarter roll idea! What a weirdo
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 I flush often
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I have a little flower watering tim at home in my toilet and use that to wash after each toilet visit....

Hahaha. I do that in public toilets to hide the splash. I Only ever go public if it's an emergency tho

 yep agree
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 That's probably why there's never toilet paper in public toilets
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I used to use a whole roll, but now I have a bum washer sprayer 🙃

I use baby wipes into a bin on my period as I like to feel clean. Not sure if that’s weird but more a hygiene preference

I have used one roll
I like to feel clean and with Period

 If i overclean it's gets dry & itchy causes more problems
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