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What is the most despicable thing your partner (or ex) has ever done


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My ex fu***d my best friend of 10 years and asked her to marry him after 3 weeks. I was absolutely distraught.
Now, probably the best thing that ever happened to me! I now see it wasn't a healthy relationship and I never would have left on my own. I'm now happily married to an amazing man!
They are still married, but currently going through paternity tests because she doesn't know if he is the father of her child. Karma is a bitch 😂😂😂😂

Cheated on me with my so called best friend and then beat me to a pulp when i confronted him about it. Sucked in to them though, I've found the love of my life n they are no longer together and both miserable

Hit me in the stomach while I was pregnant because I confronted him about his cheating. Then went on to tell me that he wouldn't have had to cheat if the baby had been a boy instead of a girl and he didn't care what happened to her.

 Hugs babe 💜
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My ex husband has and continues to bring new women into their lives. He tells them he loves these women, then he either dumps them or has his heart 'broken' and within a couple of weeks he's on to the next. I find it despicable because I believe it shows our two daughters that 'love' is replaceable and women have no value.

My now ex, told people our son was dead just so he could become a charity case and collect money for the 'funeral. That was all I needed to leave him

The dumb a*s slept with my mother

 That's just crazy 🥴
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 I think your mother is the problem here. Hope you cut her out of your life.
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 ^And the boyfriend played no part in this??
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My ex doesn’t even know my (our) daughter’s name. He chose pussy over his biological daughter and I don’t give second chances for shit like that. My other kids’ father did some bad things to me but he never chose a woman over his own children. So now I’ve cut my ex off and couldn’t be happier.

Asked me to write him an email to say that our kids are not his biologically....

 No tried to convince his affair partner that he did not have kids so that she would have his “first” child... but I’m sure the child support would have become an issue.
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 DNA test would sort that out , he would have to pay for it given it would be positive
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 Oh she has accused me that I’ve pass on “someone else’s brats” as his own. I said we should do a paternity test, bring it on but you pay for it! They backed off really fast after that!
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Said he would take the dog to vet to be put to sleep
He dumped her in ditch and gambled $400

 That is horrible 😢
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After being together for 6 years he told me that before meeting me, he was going to chat with my oldest sister meaning he had interest in her. Am I allowed to feel some type of way about this? I don’t have any ill feelings towards my sister but I do my partner.. I still hold this against him

 That was *before* he met you! Don't hold it against him.
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 I wrote this post,

I think I need to clarify. I don’t hold it against him.. more like I won’t forget him telling me and I’ll always feel some type of way. I never bring it up or treat him any differently

If that makes sense!

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 *I wrote this comment
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After the sudden death of our son he cheated on me while I was in hospital then disposed of everything in the house before disappearing. All i have left of my son is a few photos.

 Hugs to you and your Angel 💜
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Spent years talking me into having another baby, once i was 6 weeks pregnant, vanished, took all the money and wouldnt even sign her birth certificate.

Took photos of me naked, asleep, (I had no idea) then when I wouldn’t do what he wanted, threatened to put them online and send them to my family. When I moved my stuff out I found a box of naked photos of his exes too.

 What a creep. Glad you left babe ❤
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Hit, spat on, dragged around, thrown out in the middle of the night because he was drunk, had my phone taken, car keys taken and the door pin changed. Regularly smashed any item that belonged to me. Threatened to traffic me (which was more an evil joke - said seriously to try and put fear in me). I think he is just a joke.

 Sorry he did that to you ❤
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Lied to me about his age, by 10 years. God knows what else