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Ideas for gift for supportive friend

When my husband left I had a friend who helped me emotionally. She's been so great for 3.5 years.
I'd really like to do something nice for her but I don't have heaps of money. Maybe $100.
She's going overseas soon too and I thought I could also pit together a nice travel pack for when she's flying.
Any ideas would be appreciated. Cheers


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If she's staying in hotels overseas you could call one and arrange some goodies for her for when she arrives. Maybe a nice bottle of wine or a voucher for room service or a massage

You know what's really useful? Small bills and coins in local currency. Disposable ear plugs for flying and a coloured or distinctive tag to pick up her luggage easily. And a lovely written message about how much you value her 😊

 Im sure a lovely written message would mean more than anything you could buy.
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You could buy her a travel diary and at the front write a lovely Bon voyage type message.

 I like this idea.
Your friend woild probably keep this for years as it would have sentimental value to her.
Would cost you very much either ☺️

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Getting away from the travel theme you could have a nice day together before she goes or when comes back. Check out groupon for amazing deals on places to eat or a spa day.

I have a really nice crossbody bag that has cut proof straps. Was about $85 but hard to steal for travelling.

I travelled for 3 years and I used the most- a passport/ticket holder/wallet, a pouch to put under clothes for money etc, travel guides/books, padlocks, luggage tags, a cutlery sett and stainless steel straw and little washing bags for my clothes.

A travel document holder, holds your passport, airline tickets etc..was a great present when we went overseas.