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Wedding wishing well- how much to put in?

My cousins wedding on Sunday. My husband and our 4 kids are going.... they're asking for money in a wishing well.... how much money do you put in? 😟 Last time we were in this situation my husband put in $300 to one of his good mates which I thought was over the top, but his excuse was it was his good friend, he needed to put in that much 🙄.....
I'm struggling here coming up with an amount 😟


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We have always put in what we think our meals/drinks will cost them, plus a little more. Usually $200-300 for the happy couple ☺

 You must be rich
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 We do the same, and we are definitely not rich.
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I usually do $50 for engagement, $100 for the wedding.

 I second this. It should also be how much you can comfortably put in and not about expectations.
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I'm broke at the moment and went to a cousin's wedding who asked for a cash gift. Imo tacky but with people living together before marriage and being established, the registry is a bit outdated. I see a need for a new gift plan; just don't think cash is the answer. Back on point, I figured out the year of their 50th and put that amount. For $20.67, my cousin was so moved she called to say what sweet idea it was the next day.

 Where did you get the 7 cents from to put in the well
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Weddings are about celebrating the love and union of 2 people. If you can give a gift - give what you want. If you cannot then just sharing the day with them should be enough of a gift. I think people lose sight of the big picture.

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We usually put it $150 per person (adult) attending the wedding. So $300 per couple

We’ve done anything from $50-$250. Just depends on how close you are to them and your financial situation at the time. We recieved from $50-$10,000 (hubby’s grandfather) but the average was $100. People don’t get married for monetary gifts, they will be happy with whatever you give them

How much would you spend on dinner when out to dinner? For friends we do $50. No family has married yet but it will be whatever we can comfortably afford.

We had a wishing well and received anywhere from a card - $500. It was really lovely that people gave so generously - any amount is generous. $0 is generous in my opinion because all we really wanted was peopleto be there with us. The only reason we had a well at all was because people wanted to give us something and having our own home etc we didn't need things. We used the money to pay for additional wedding photos and renovations to our house 😊

Give them a card and whatever you put inside is completely at your discretion. Enjoy the wedding.

You are supposed to cover what t cost you to be there. i.e..if it's $120 per head type wedding, then for a couple you should put $240, if you round if off to $250 they get a $10 'gift'.

 You’re supposed to pay for your meal you mean? I’ve heard this and any couple who expects this are ridiculous. If that is what you’re comfortable doing then fine, but there is no rule. You put in what you feel comfortable with. And what you can afford.
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 This is what we do. We give what we think the meal/drinks would cost, so on average around $100/$120 per person.
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I would think $100-$150 would be suitable if your children are also attending (to cover all of you).

A reasonable amount is whatever you can afford. I personally do not think there should be the expectation that people should give a certain amount. Obviously you want to be generous and give the happy couple a good amount but there are life's realities also. I thought a wedding was about 2 people committing to each other and celebrating with their family and friends..but that's just me. I feel that a gift is a bonus. A wishing well is a great idea but to then impose an amount on your guests whom you invited I feel is rude and presumptuous. When I got married a young teenage girl who had just got her first job put $10 in a card and wrote a beautiful note. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.

I recently got married and my nan put 200 she couldn't attend and my mum put 250 everyone else like my dad and wife and sisters and friends put in $100 and a couple $50. Some none which was ok too. Not all about money cause at the end of the day I married my best friend I didn't care hoe much people put

$100 wedding
$50 engagement

 Per person?
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 Not per person
Just from the family.

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I think $75 per person or $150 if you're a couple as a minimum. You're invited to their wedding, which generally means THEY feel you are important to them.

Usually this will be their first marriage and hopefully they only get married once. Better to spend a little bit extra and be memorable or forever known as that person who gave nothing on their wedding day.

 I cannot for the life of me remember who contributed what to our wishing well and it was only 10 years ago. I DO remember who came to celebrate with us, who made lovely toasts, and who had the best reactions to our wedding vows. If your memories of a person’s contribution to your wedding are centred around what gift they gave you then you have definitely got your priorities wrong.
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 Yep. It’s so easy to remember the people that gave nothing. Considering you spend $100 per person on average to feed them and then get nothing back. Clearly you don’t invite someone for a gift but it’s pretty normal isn’t it to give something considering the amt spent to have you there..
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Think about how much it’s going to cost to feed you all, normally $150 per adult and extra for kids.

Personally I would cover that as bare minimum and then extra depending on your relationship with the bride and groom.