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Which brand do you use ?
I use white wings
i have tried homebrand and White Mill ( aldi ) and its unbleached and shit unless making eclairs and cream puffs ....i dont make them


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I only get organic, vegan, animal friendly, gluten free, low carb… lol jk home brand all the way. It's just flour

 I started reading this and thought "OMFG, are you kidding me?" Then got excited when you said homebrand. Another homebrand user here too 🖐
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 Home brand here too ✋🏻
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It's flour... Who cares.

 u obviously dont know about flour
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Flour is poison, you might as well use ratsak.

 I only use the ratsack when baking for my mother in law.
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A flour mill is out the road of town here, and they pack a lot of brands. Same shit, different packet.

I use coles brand or aldi brand. I bake a lot and dont have any issues.

I use "the healthy baker". It's unbleached, made in Australia and cheap, ticks all my boxes.

I buy Lion because it's made in Fremantle where I grew up.

I use homebrand and have never had any issues.

 Yep same here
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I buy Lions from our local UK shop. It's a lovely brand.