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Genital herpes tip.

Not a question. I suffer from them unfortunately. In 15 years I've had 4 breakout and after some googling an article said to put corn starch on the sore/s so I tried it as it was quite sore, bothering me. And what a relief!!!!! So good. Just wanted to let some other ladies who may be suffering. It's made me feel like before, comfortable and not swollen/sore. Bring on the troll πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (yes I am on meds aswell)


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I find it disturbing that so many women stay
with their partner after he's:

a) been unfaithful and broken their bond


b) given them a disease.

What happens next time??

When he brings home HIV???

How will you explain that to your children, that mummy may die because she forgave daddy and his dirty c**k???

 Because we we're young and both did stupid things, that was over 10 years ago.

He is the man of my dreams and we went through that much shit in our first few years and have come out on top of the world, we know we are invincible now as we have been though the worst we could (cheating, losing a child, homelessness, family crap) and I know that he would never stray again, we are a team, his my best friend. At times I think about it all and get down but I love him and we have created a life together that's better then I could of ever imagined.

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OP Well mine wasn't my hubby it was my ex boyfriend and I was fu****g furious!!!!! I never saw or spoke to him again and now I have to live with it.
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Thanks mate good to know these things if it ever occurs, I never thought I’d have any sti; but my hubby brought me one - yes that’s right. So I read this and thought; god forbid it happens again; but heaven forbid if it did; I’d be heart broken but remember corn starch.
Thanks again

OP I never though either!! I was always "safe" but apparently even condoms don't stop the virus being passed on. And the fact he never told me he had it. Oh well doesn't matter now I guess.
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Thank you for the tip honestly! My hubby brought it home too, every time i have a flare up it makes me re-live all the shit all over again 😫

OP You're so welcome, I understand!! I was also using witch hazel in between. Same deal, squirt some onto a cotton pad and wiping. If you have a fan in your room, lay on the bed and let the witch hazel dry down there (without anything on)
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 Ouch I feel your pain in both ways. What a nasty thing to re live every time It flares up. Hugs x
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 Grrr my hubby also brought it home :( every time it reoccurs I relive the pain of knowing he cheated on me and the humiliation of going to gp and finding out I had an sti. I always remember it was Xmas eve. I feel when I get a flare up he should be begging my forgiveness again and treating me like a princess but it's like he's chosen to forget how I got it
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My husband gave it to me too . He never told me he had it . Now we’ve both got it.

 Did he own up or apologise?
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OP My hubby didn't give it to me. This was an ex. But I told my hubby when we were dating, he was fine. 13 years later he doesn't have it thankfully. I'm sorry yours wasn't honest with you :(
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I dont have GH but i find this very interesting. A friend of mine does so i can pass on the info. Do you make a paste or just 'tap' it on?

OP Well I just tipped some onto a cotton pad (one of those round things) and then dabbed it directly on. I tried to wet at first but it went really funny. I only had 1 sore which was quite angry and now, about 6 hours after applying it it's gone down alot. Not swollen anymore and not painful. I am also on famciclovir though.
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