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Immunizations, drugs and babies...

I Just seen on the repeat on current affair that the next show they will talk about no contraception no Centre link payments for ladies to stop them having kids they can't afford, they have spoken about drug testing for the payments and no jab no payments as well. Where will it stop?
I can understand to some degree where they are coming from but it's getting more ridiculous each time I hear something about it. Thoughts?


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I think they should stop payments for people who write "I seen"

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OP Lucky for me then I am not on payments lmao...
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The way I see it, politicians etc all get paid way too much so before anyone has a go at your average family for receiving a centrelink payment, maybe they start with the people who earn more than anyone else.
No one is worth that much.
Country in debt? give the pm a pay rise!

 100% agree
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 Go back and have a look at what Julia Gillard gave herself as a freaking Christmas bonus. I was doing an apprenticeship at the time and it was more than half my yearly earnings! I gave up giving a shit about politicians and the like after that. People are forever attacking people on centrelink who bring in a measly $10,000 - $40,000 a year whole the prime minister is awarding themselves like $30,000 Christmas bonuses and a pay rise of $40,000 a yr! I know who the real people scamming the system are and it isn't frigging stay at home and single mums!
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 Don't forget their pension. Make them go on new start till they hit retirement age or work for it. Their pay should cover more than everyday expenses anyway so why not save that and live off that.
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 amen sister. its f***n disgusting.... their annual salary would support, at least 20 families comfortably. and them multiply that by the number of politicians..... then not to mention the things they waste taxpayers money on... for example 'changing a f***n flag' (yep im in nz)..... i hate the government!!
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I think sterlise the parents that can't keep their kids out of state care first. If they are using the centrelink payments to auctually care for their babies kudos to them.

 Agree with this. My SIL has had her kids taken off her so she just goes and pops out more rather than work to get the older ones back. Now she never even visits them and has stopped her half assed fighting to get them back because she was told she'd have to break up with her boyfriend to even have a fighting chance 😑
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 See that's what makes me angry right there. If there is such a problem with her boyfriend and life choices the current children will probably end up in care too. The poor kids! Once they have kids in care put a stop to it until they sort their shit out ;-(
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 yup i do NOT think its wrong to court order sterilization. people get all up in arms about human rights but f*** their rights if they keep screwing their kids over. what about the potential child's rights. there really needs to be a breaking point. a limit as too how many lives you put at risk... yep chinas strict policy went kaput but they put restrictions on every single person good bad and ugly lol.

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I look forward to the day we have a cut off. 4 children is more than enough. Some people may be even more conservative than that. After 4 then no extra money. One day it will happen because all we are doing is creating more debt.

Well China had a one child policy look how wonderful that turned out. I don't think you can order people around when it comes to these matters more focus and funds should be directed at education , jobs and training. Also a lot more importance and funding to the care and foster system, it's not the kids fault they have deadbeat parents but they are the ones who get punished.

I don't see how that could ever work, for example, I can't take the pill and the injection and Mirena don't agree with me. I do get annoyed though at people who are having more babies than they can afford, maybe centrelink need to enforce that if they're are subsequent pregnancies and children after a certain amount that we as tax payers are already paying for, there will be no extra payments

 I was similar so my husband got a vasectomy. Problem solved!
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I think you should have to work for the payments. Volunteer or what ever, no free rides anymore.

 I agree!!

Cleaning/mowing/cooking for the elderly, maintaining parks and public buildings etc. Give the people who currently do those jobs by choice a management role directing these people.

The 'dole' should only ever be allowed for a small period of time, and a maximum time per person.

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 What about single parents who are full time carers of young children? They can't exactly leave the kids at home to go out mowing lawns.
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 I have my kids help me do the gardening and pop them on the back porch with an ice block each when i mow the lawns. There is excuses for everything if you dont want to do it. You just make it happen.
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 What about those people on disability?
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 Would you really pop your kids on the porch of a strangers house with an ice block while you mowed their lawn. Everyone would scream neglect if something happened to them while the mowers blurring away lol what about when they are babies? Maybe i should have popped my twins in a double sling and wore them while i mowed lawns in 41 degree the summer they were newborns to earn my single parent pension lol
I am grateful i don't live in a third world country! This is starting to sound like the mums that drag their newborns onto the tea fields.
I am grateful i didn't have to put up with dv and make my kids live in a violent home just to keep a roof over their heads. I have worked for my single parent pension (that i use to look after my children) i paid taxes for 18yrs before becoming a single mum.

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 After a set age? Maybe 12 months after birth? But then they would have another to just avoid the work. I guess cap it at a ser amount of kids also. They would be entitled to next to nothing childcare anyway so at 12 months a child is more than capable of being in care while the parents contribute a day or 2 a week to society.
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If they cant support themselves or the kids they have, then yes! They should be on contraception and avoiding further pregnancies. Our government is kind a joke. The people who are breeding up are not the kind who are doing the best for our country- those people are working too hard to start their families :-/ it is so backwards!

I don't think it is ridiculious at all. I have seen woman sit there and have child after child and they are on centrelink single mothers and not ever worked a day ever. But they keep having kids and the amount of money they get paid is ludicrous

If the government is supporting you they deserve a say in how the money is spent.

Who is going to be the pregnancy police then lol... What a joke ...our police do hardly anything... In fact most of the local police here are found at McDonalds.. Ha ha