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How much housework should a stay at home mum do if your partner works a standard 40 hour week?


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I don't count the hours. I just do what needs to be done...... mostly 😉

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 Agreed. I would become bitter if I was to count the hrs.
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I am a stay at home mum, I start proper cleaning when I wake up at 6:30/7 while also getting my eldest ready for school, I do a quick school drop off at 8:30 and the house is clean by 9:30 am then we go out and do things and I walk through and tidy and clean again after lunch time when the youngest baby naps if I need to, then I tidy after dinner bath and bed, my husband will always offer to help in the evening and just proactively does it if I'm unwell or too busy.
I have 3 kids, 2 at home, one in school and our house stays pretty clean.
I do all of the inside cleaning myself and I don't mind because I treat it like my job, my husband can't clean because he's at work and to be honest it's a tonne easier than when I was working.

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 I'm not OCD, We worked and slogged really hard to build our own home and furnish it with lovely things and we both come from generational poverty so never thought we would break that cycle, I guess we are house proud because of that.
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I am a sahm and do most of the house work. If my husband is home it's 50/50 if something needs doing. This is because I feel it's so important for the kids to see that dad works around the house too. I don't want my boys to grow up expecting their partners doing everything, but mostly because I want my daughter to run if she dates a man child that expects her to do everything.

I do around 80-90% of it.
My kids ages 2-8yrs do around 10% of it.
And my husband helps with the rest. Hubby works long hours most days, so if he's out of the house all day, he pretty much does none of the cleaning. But if he's home all day he might help cook dinner or stack the dishwasher. But mainly he will keep the kids amused so I can get the cleaning done.
Right now my priority is getting the kids to pick up more cleaning, which can be more painful than doing it myself lol. But I'll be going back to work in the next couple of years and don't want to be working full time, and still doing all the house work.

Me personally? I’d do most all...
that’s my “work”
When he gets home he plays with the kids and baths them ect as he hasn’t seen them all day.

I think it’s a personal thing and dependant on so many things.
For example my husband very much does the “manly thing” (repairs, mowing , car stuff, weeding, bins) so iv no problem taking on 97% of the house (I do it better anyways lol)
I can do most of his work but I don’t like those jobs.
He can do the housework but doesn’t enjoy it.

If I go out all Sunday with the kids though I almost always come home to a clean house

 Manly thing ? The 1950’s are calling your name
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 “Manly Things”
That’s why the quotations babe. For lack of a better term.

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 He cleans the house on Sunday I don’t think she is stuck in the 50’s.
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 I mow the lawn

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 My hubby does the manly things too 2018 called and men still take out the rubbish so what
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 Mine also does the manly stuff and I'm not using quotes for snowflakes.
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I guess I do about 40hours of housework and childcare because I don't sit down till dinner

I do like half hr a day. I'm not a good housewife

 Same here.
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9-5 (or whatever) are works hours anything beyond that is overtime and should be split 50/50

Whatever is agreed upon between the sahm and her partner.

My wife..does something between 0 minutes and 60 minutes per day. Conflicting priorities I am told

 Guess you will have to clean it then
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 I suppose you are doing all the childcare too and she is doing none of that
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 Maybe she hates having a clean house.
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