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Best formula for breast fed baby?

My son is exclusively breast fed but I'm trying to introduce formula so I have a little bit of freedom and also so I can stock the freezer for when I go back to work. I have tried him with s26 gold as I was able to get them in sachets but he refuses the bottle (he will take a bottle of expressed milk). Has anyone had this issue? What formula worked best? Are there other brands that do sachets? I don't want to throw away tins of formula trying to find one :-S


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have you tried it mixed with breastmilk like 50%bm and 50% water with the formula then get it to just formula. and before everyone jumps down my throat it's only for a few feeds. it can alter the texture however.

Try using the ready-to-feed type. You can get single serving sizes. Your pediatrician or family doc may even have some freebies. I found that the powder style had a different smell that turned my kids off when I tried to switch to formula. Once they adjusted to the liquid kind, they were also fine with the powder in the same brand/style.

OP Thank you, I was planning on talking to my doc so will ask about samples when I go.
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OP I've only seen liquid kind in the same brand. Where can I find them?
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How old is he? I dont think there is a brand thats better than the other just trial and error unfortunately. Have you tried the chemist. They might have smaller tins or samples. Is it you that tries to give him the formula? Maybe someone else needs to try when you arent around. He might be more willing to take it if he doesnt know you and your boobs are there 😉

OP He's 3 months old. Yes, other people have tried whilst I'm not home. He just cries and absolutely cracks it and goes to sleep until I get home :-S I had looked at the chemist but I might just start asking around as well. Thanks.
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 I thought if he was a bit older you could just offer food and water while you are away but he's still too little. Could you keep going with the breast feeding until 6 months. Maybe once he has a bit of a taste for other food he might be more willing to take the formula.
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OP No reason not to continue until 6 months but it will cut things a bit fine with my return to work only a few weeks after. I was hoping to have him settled and plenty of milk for when he starts as I would t be able to express asmuch whilst at work. But I might leave it a little while and try again when he is a little older. Thank you :-)
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