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Named as a suspect

Why doesn’t the police notify people if they are a suspect to a crime ?


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Your question is a waste of common sense.
You are a suspect. Not convicted. They aren't tarnishing your future based on suspicions. They need to build a case.
Rule 1. Be an honest person
Rule 2. Live by the 10 Commandments. They're a pretty good guide thru life in western society.

Under cover surveillance. You might run if you knew they were on to you.

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 It’s not a stupid answer. It’s a valid reason.
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 Still stupid
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They need to build a case

 Even if it was 13 years ago??
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 Dunno. Apparently there's a lawyer on this site somewhere. Ask her 😊
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 You have nothing to worry about if you weren’t arrested or interviewed
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If you've done nothing wrong, they you don't have to worry about anything ahahaha

So they don't destroy evidence, so they don't flee, the police might be following them, hoping to be led to evidence, etc...

 My friend was now told by FOI she’s a suspect from 13 years ago and she’s waiting to find out why
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 She may have been a suspected accomplice or a primary suspect. Given the time-lapse, the cops probably found their actual criminal, if it wasn't her - Another reason to not tell a suspect.
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One would have to have an idea given they would usually be questioned plus the obvious that they would hide evidence, create alibis and run!