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Why is it that a couple of Australian states are finding it so hard to follow the rules?


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NSW people seem fu****g stupid...Just stay home idiots!!!

 It's people in the wealthiest suburbs. They don't think the rules apply to them.
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It's not states per se, but selfish individual morons, such as all those beach-goers or those assholes escaping quarantine because they're bored who are the issue.

Which rules though? Victoria's rules? NSW? QLD? Or maybe we should follow Tasmania's lead to stay home and f**k our cousins? (😂)
I'm in WA and find what's happening in NSW disturbing. Your police are targeting fishers and hunters despite your political leaders saying those activities are still permitted (social distancing rules apply). You're allowed out to exercise, but your parks and beaches are shut. That kid in Victoria just got fined for going on a driving lesson. She was in a car with her mother (whom she lives with) and continuing her education, in a socially responsible way that she was unable to do at home.
You want us all to play by those rules? No thanks.

 Who exactly are you talking to? Your parks, your police, your political leaders. Why are you assuming the OP is not from WA?
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 To OP- i agree. Hunting and fishing are the most honorable way to feed your family.
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 You're right, maybe OP isn't from NSW or Victoria. In which case "your" should be "their". No bother.

As for maybe I'm the one fu****g my cousin because I apparently liked my own comment. Lol, okay crack head. Calm down.

An honourable way to feed your family? Sure. I was thinking more from an economical standpoint, since lots of people are out of work right now. The government is handing out some assistance, but for a lot of people it's just not enough help. If they can fish hunt or forage to help supplement their groceries, they might just be right. But, unfortunately, that isn't an option with the OTT shut down rules.

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It isn’t just a couple of states, it’s every state has its fair share of moronic idiots. We just hear about the morons in Sydney and Melbourne because there’s more of them due to them being the two largest cities in Australia. Not to mention that most people need a chart to understand the rules as they’re constantly changing and every state seems to have different rules, then what the states say isn’t always the same as the federal government, not to mention in between these confusing messages on the news we’re getting told other countries restrictions and now we’re all playing by monopoly rules on a game of snakes and ladders using chess pieces.

I hope the idiotic Perth man, who snuck out of his hotel room whilst under quarantine, gets a years jail or $50,000 fine. It's not like he didn't know and he did it more than once. They should make an example of this di*****d

 Agreed! What a piece of sh*t! All recidivists, those caught ignoring the rules and those assholes deliberately coughing on people need absolute savage penalties imposed on them, not a slap on the wrist, a stern talking to and a pissy fine.
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They need to lock people up who are not abiding the rules aka beach goers, those out in groups etc. Its the only way to get thtough to them.

A few people from all states are doing whatever the hell they want.