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Help with 14mo

I went to see my community Health nurses today because I have concerns about my 14mo still using bottles. I would like her weaned off bottles before the new baby comes in about 4 months time. They said she is using milk purely for comfort and that I am coddling her since she still refuses to hold the milk bottle (perfectly capable of holding her straw water sippy cup) I need to move her milk closer to or with food and need to go cold turkey with the bottles (she is having about 100 ml or less in the morning about an hour after breakfast and about 200/250ml before bed)
What are your bubbas doing? Maybe I should be a bit more concerned about this but she is such a good eater....3 weetbix every morning, 1/2 a sandwich for lunch (although she generally eats around the bread and a whole packet of two fruits and whatever we are having for dinner (generally meat and veg with yogurt)


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Ok so I am sure I will get sh*t but before anyone has anything nasty to say... you don't know my kids or the conversations and recommendations from their doctor and dietician.

3 year old has a bottle at night. 1 bottle before bed.

16 month old has bottles when he feels like it. Normally 3 times a day but he is sick atm and he has them when he wants.

There is no harm.
Both boys drink their bottles quickly and put them in the sink. They don't walk around for ages sucking or chewing on them. I think you do what is right for you and your child.

 Agreed my 3 yr old also still has 1 bottle at bedtime. I've been slowly reducing the amount/watering it down to gradually wean him but he still has 120ml. It is comforting for him.

We are due for another baby in 2 weeks and are not worried. How many adults still have a bottle of milk at bedtime? Relax and enjoy your little one. They grow up so quickly.

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 Agree, my kids all had a bottle before bed until I wanted to start night toilet training them, so around 3 years old. It's nice to have a cuddle before bed. If you really want to wean her, I'd start with day time bottles and go from there.
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I have a 14 month old and I'm due in 4 months aswell and he still has a bottle. I didn't think there was an issue with it as long as he is eating and healthy. His pediatrician told us to switch from formula to cows milk at 12 months but never said cut bottles at all.

Ok so my little ones are 15 months apart. Up until my baby was born, my toddler was having a bottle before bed at night. As soon as baby was born, toddler got REALLY unsettled at night. And she could only settle with a bottle. It got out of control really fast, she started waking up more and more, drinking more and more milk. She was a fantastic eater, but that also went downhill because she was having so much milk. I finally cracked it and threw the bottles in the bin. Four days of hell, then she started sleeping perfectly, twelve hours without a peep. We kind of replaced the bottles with books (which she loves) so if she wakes up in the night she has one within arms reach. Also a sippy cup of water in case she gets thirsty.
Please take my advice and get rid of the bottles! There is nothing worse than a toddler waking up more at night than your newborn!

Aaah, child health nurses. If you get a bad one it sucks, because you feel like you should take their advice since they are the professional. But 9 times out of 10 they are pushing their own opinion onto you. They only know what you tell them. My first was breastfed for 5 months, the nurse kept telling me to keep trying, feed more, pump more. Breast is best. My poor baby was skin and bones. I put him onto formula and didn't tell her. He started gaining weight and she was so proud of herself "see, I told you it would work". Whatever love. After that I stopped paying attention to what they had to say. If you would like her weaned then go for it. If not, do what you think is best.

 We only had 1 child health nurse in the town we were living in and she messed with my daughter while she was breastfeeding and she didn't latch properly for a week after that. She also did a big carry on about me having a towel in her bassinet because she automatically presumed thats where I was putting her to sleep. If she had've shut up for 5 seconds, it was in there because she was throwing up and I had her on it while she was sick, she never slept in the bassinet cause she didn't like it and she just generally made assumptions and crap without even asking me then got upset when I told her to piss off and not come back. I travelled over an hr to the next town for all my daughters appointments after that. You don't have to take their advise just cause they are a "professional" πŸ˜‰
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I think what she's having is fine! If your worried about it, try gradually swapping the milk she has at those times into a sippy cup (and encourage her to hold it, just sit or lie next to her so she's still getting a snuggle from you). You can get a soft spout one then move on to a harder spout gradually. My daughter was 3 in February and still has a night time 'milky' in a hard spout sippy before bed-we mix vitamin powder in it. How would that nurse like one of her favourite comforts taken from her because she didn't 'need' it according to someone who doesn't really know her.

 And if you swap to a soft spout sippy you can say she doesn't have a bottle anymore πŸ˜‰
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 I switched my 12 month old to a straw sippy and she has milk in that before bed. And I tell everyone she no longer has bottles πŸ‘. Technically not lying πŸ˜‚. I got lucky in that she doesn't use them for comfort so the switch was very easy. Good luck 😊
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I don't think it's an issue. My baby is the same age and having the same milk feeds as your baby but just breastfed. They are still babies as far as I am concerned and it's as much about comfort as it is about the milk. Also I think the fact she doesn't want to hold the bottle and wants you to hold it indicates even more it's about time with you. No rush to get rid of the bottles yet

I give my 16 month old a bottle of milk whenever she wants it, purely becuase she is not and never has been a bit eater. At least i know she is still getting something good to drink, and she is happy, so i don't see anything wrong with it

My almost 2 year old still has a bottle (formula, not cows milk) morning and night. I really don't see the harm. She has a small cows milk during the day. She eats fine and just drinks her bottle and puts it down, she doesn't suck on it all day or chew on it. I really don't care what anyone else says or thinks, she'll have bottles as long as she wants them (within reason, she's not going to be having them when she's school age lol)