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Pros of sending your child to a private schoo over a public school (in Sydney)


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Honestly, it's a higher standard of education

My son was very average in school and he does so much better at his new school (it's a "prestigious" one)

I was originally totally against it, but my I see what a life it gives our son.

 In what way are standards higher, do you think? I was privately educated and have done quite well but as far as overall scores in our HSC, our school was in the middle, and state schools ranked higher up.
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 Less disruption in classes

Generally speaking it is mostly all upper sociology economic level families, which yes have their problems but the mum who has 8 kids by 7 dads and raises her kids to not give a shit won't be at my kids school you can garentee.

More money= more resources.
The recourse pool is deep.

Is it perfect? Absolutly not, but public school was not the education I wanted for my son (he didn't go to a particularly bad one either)

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I had my children in public school but their classes were constantly being disrupted by out of control feral children to the point where classes would constantly have to evacuate for their own personal safety because some kid was throwing chairs or trying to stab the teacher with a pencil, every day a new drama.
I put them in private school because I hoped that teachers would have more power to control behaviour and they absolutely do, my children are finally with academic class mates instead of the by product of bogans and they're doing so well.
I went to public schools myself but they were nothing like they are today.
If you want your children to be safe and learn, go private.

 You just described my son's public high school...teachers spend more time dealing with bad behaviour than they do actually teaching😡
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 They have the same issues in private schools too.
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 They have a lot less of those issues in a private school become once a child becomes a pain in the arse they can be expelled easier.
My kids attend a private school, and we've had to sign a bunch of shit to get them enrolled including a behaviour charter of expectations (I don't know the proper name for it). It basically says that if a child doesn't follow the strict code of conduct they will receive 2 written warnings and then permanently removed from the school if they continue.
I can tell you now, since we've spent so much money on their schooling, if I ever get the call that they're being expelled, they'll be punished like never before. In that way, I feel like the stakes are higher at a private school because it's not just the pressure from the school system to behave, but also the parents too. But then again, there are always exceptions to that just like with everything.

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 *because not become. Ffs.
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 Well no, it doesn't happen in prestigious private because they don't tolerate it. My children had to pass an interview to be enrolled and they do not allow children with behavioural issues in and they have no problem terminating enrollment for disruptive students immediately.

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 ^ Not tolerated like the bullies who hanged a 10 year old girl from a tree at her prestigious private school and the whole thing just dismissed by the authorities? That kind of thing?
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 Hey let's cherry pick from the arrival I read this morning to pretend like I know
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 All of those children have had their enrollement cancelled.
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It's so much about the parents. If parents are paying for their kid to be at a school, nearly always means they care at least a little about their kid's education. They want their kids to be there and want them to do well, and it makes such a difference. At a public school MOST of the parents care too! But there is always a constituent of kids whose parents couldn't give a damn. Their kids can do whatever they like and the school is pretty much powerless to do anything about it without support from the parents. These few kids really ruin it for the others by being disruptive and disengaged, which has a knock-on effect, and taking up all the teacher's time and energy.

It really depends exactly where you live, my children go to a public school in a good area, and the school is fantastic.
But I once heard a saying "the difference between public and private school is like minded parents".
As in at a private school parents are paying for a good education so therefore are more invested in their childrens school and education. Not sure I completely agree with the saying, but it did make me think.
So I guess my advice is, if you're living in a shit area, don't send them to a public school. But if you're living in a good area, there probably isn't a massive difference between the local public and private school. This is only my experience but.

You really need to research the school, some private schools are great, some are not.

Better drugs in private schools. I went to both and you could only score pot and pills at public. The coke going around the private school was on point 👌

 Lol not my public school.
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I sent my kids to a private primary school in Sydney and we were in a low socio economic area. The school was Anglican based and I feel my kids did not get a very good education. After four years we moved to Melbourne and was living in a high socio economic area and went to a state primary. They received an incredible education there. I think it really depends on the school. They go to a State high school in the same area and we are very happy. I do think if they went to s prestigious private school they would be pushed more, it is something we are considering for our son when he gets to yr 9.

 My kids are going to a smaller private high school over the local high school that has a great rep and most people try and lie about area to get in as it's got sports arts academic programs where a kid can really do a specialised skill, for example the surfing kids get to surf one morning a week instead of school, ect ect.
We pulled him as te bullying was horrendous there. (Not my kid but his friends were assholes and he was starting to show little signs of it which is so against his character, We are considering homeschooling for year 9 and 10 as he has a lot of buisness ideas that I think are really plausible and he wants to work on them.

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 Oopes I wasnt suppose to writ that on your comment sorry
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The gym, library, etc will be better, but what they learn is exactly the same.