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How do you explain the giving tree at kmart, target etc to kids that still believe in santa?

I was going to take my 3 and 5 yo to pick a present each to put under the giving tree but how do explain that some kids dont get presents when santa is meant to give presents to all kids in the whole. My 5yo is pretty cluey and i think he'll question me.


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As a kid, I always assumed it was to replace the presents their parents couldn't afford to get them.
Never really thought they were from Santa for those kids.

 Yeah, I told my kids that these were presents for kids who's parents couldn't afford to get them something. In our household Santa gives the kids a sack full of knick knacky gifts while they get wrapped presents from us.
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interesting. Santa for us is like part of the Xmas decorations, we never told our kids that he gives the presents. The presents are from us, or family. Maybe you could say that your kids are helping Santa and he’ll still deliver them.

Tell them they get nothing else all year so it is a bit extra.

In our house only 1 gift is from santa. I tell my kids Those wishing trees are so the kids can have extra

In our house, Father Christmas fills the stockings, we put the presents under the tree...we always take the kids to put presents under the wishing tree for children whose parents can't afford to buy them, it's a great way to help kids think of others. Might be trickier if everything in your home comes from Santa though