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Do your in laws text you when you are on a family holiday asking for photos of the grandkids ?

My in laws want 5 photos a day and want to talk to hubby once a day
We now text and say we aren’t taking our phone


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I would be happy if they did.
My kids don't exist since my brother in law had kids.
Perhaps you could be grateful.

 That's like my kids. I would love if my parents would notice my kids
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I think you are really lucky that your in-laws adore your children so much.

i would love it if they did - it's great that they are showing an interest!

My in-laws do and I love it. ( ask for photos, not wanting to talk to my husband ) They love my kids so much. My mother is a miserable cow and couldn’t care less about photos of my kids.

I think it's sweet that they love their grandkids so much :)

I have a WhatsApp group with my husband and both lots of grandparents. So we just add photos there and everyone keeps updated with what we've been up to.

I’m closer to my mother in law then I am to my own mum. It’s second nature for me to automatically send her photos of my child and share news with her. I see her a minimum of 4 days a week. If she doesn’t hear from me, she will text or call to make sure everything is okay.

No. Who demands this kind of rubbish?

 My mother in law rings us 3 times a day if any of us are sick
He hardly tell her if she finds out we put ph on silent and say the sick family member was sleeping

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 My whole family ring each other daily, occasionally they ring when I'm at work so I can ignore it, but if we don't hear from each other regularly we do get concerned about each others welfare. We're just close, or weird? We also have a group chat on messenger. It's rare for us not to talk several times a week.
My hubby and my sister in law are great with how needy the family is. They get very involved. I love it!

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No because we put on Facebook

 My in laws don’t have Facebook thank god
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 We made them one so they would stop asking. Life is so much easier now
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I think photos are fine, I wouldn’t want to have to take calls each day though.

My inlaws live interstate and aren't interested in our kids unless there is something gossip worthy. They have grandkids living close to them that are the bees knees to them and they bend over backwards for, but our kids barely rate a mention. We don't call them very often as all they do is talk about their other grand kids and we're lucky to get the obligatory "oh btw how are the kids" at the end of a phone call. We only send photos at easter and christmas but they never ask for photos.

My in laws never call us. They don't even know when we go on holidays.

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I email holiday pictures of the kids to grandparents whether they want them or not 😂