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What’s a nice gesture to do for hubby??

We’ve had some up and down times.. and he likes to see gestures rather than hear words’
So I would like to do nice things for him... but don’t really have a lot of ideas


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When I want to spoil my husband, I wait till he gets home from work and ask him what he wants first shower or afternoon tea. If shower: I get him a fresh towel (with extra fabric softener to give it that nice smell), and lay out some underwear and clothes for him. Then for afternoon tea I set him up with his favourite snacks and either an alcoholic beverage or a big glass of milk, and he and the children all enjoy it together. While they're doing that I pick up the wet towel off the bed (and don't mention it to him), and bring out a big soft pillow so he can lay down on the lounge with the tv remote and his cold drink. I sit with him and rub his feet while he channel surfs or talks about his day. And he stays there till I call him out to dinner.
This isn't really a special gesture though, it's a typical afternoon. Haha I spoil that lucky bastard.

 Sorry forgot to add, if he has an alcoholic drink, I try to pair it with a meal that he likes and would work well with it.
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 So do you put just the one towel with extra fabric softener just for this occasion? The practical me is cringing at what it’s doing to your machine 🙈
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 No, I do a load of the fluffiest towels together and that's the load that gets the extra softener. The rest of the towels just get normal amounts. Haha imagine washing one towel at time 😂 my washing pile is big enough as it is. If I started washing piece by piece I'd be fu***d.
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 Sounds like you treat him like a child. Does he have his milk in a sippy after you dress him?
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 A) he has told me before he likes it when I lay clothes out for him
B) if he likes the way I take care of him, it works for us
C) if YOU don't like it, don't do it.

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 This has probably set women back decades of equality.
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 If that's how you feel then you know nothing about equality. This isn't something that's been forced upon me. It's my choice to do these things. Just like it's your choice not to. Choices that we have the right to make thanks to feminists that came before us. I have equal right to make this decision as much as you do to not do these things. I treat my husband this way because it brings me joy to do so, and he consents to it. The same way he chooses to spoil me in other ways, and I consent to it. You need to educate yourself on equality.
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 If you wanna wipe your husband's a*s that's on you. Enjoy!
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 If you wanna be deliberately rude and ignorant then that's on you. Enjoy!
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 My husband would be like get your own life mate 😂
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 If she wants to do that for her husband it in no way effects you so you shouldnt care. I would personally never do anything like this for my husband but thats my choice just like its hers. Leave her alone. And it hasnt set women back decades. Equality is about women having choices. Chosing to treat their husbands like she does or not
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 My husband would laugh at me for saying beverage.
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 I fully respect that you like to do this as im sure he loves it too! But do you ever get tired of it? Being so extra nice and having to pick up and prepare snacks for him.. along with the children.. rather than being spoilt in other ways... would you not just prefer that he gets his own clothes out or picks his own towel up off the floor and puts it in the laundry?
I wish I had it in me to be so kind and hospitable to my hubby... but instead he gets an angry sleep deprived b!tch 🤭😵 I feel bad now

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 I personally think having to pick up after a grown man is a turn off. I’m not your mother. I won’t wait on you hand & foot.
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 Geez this blew up. Such a kerfuffle, all because I spoil the man I love.

There are days when I don't do it. Of course there are, I'm not Carol Brady. I get pissed off and grumpy too. On those days he just does it himself. Except for the towel, but I just chuck it on the floor and turn the doona around so he has the damp side. He knows when I'm not gonna pamper him, and he doesn't complain. He just gets on with it. Those are the days he usually puts in the extra effort to spoil me. On the days when I need it most. Whether that be bringing me a cup of tea in bed, or cooking dinner and getting the kids sorted, or rubbing my back, or going out and buying me a big block of chocolate. And then there are other days, when we both tell the other to bugger off and look out for ourselves (and the kids of course).

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 I appreciate your reply; thanks!
Yes I’m glad to hear you have those days too.. it sounded like you were the perfect house wife ! But yes it’s nice to spoil them I agree.. I just haven’t done it in years.. since our eldest was young... (lucky he’s still only a small child and all is not lost ) !
But I need to find ways to show him I do still love him :(

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 You're welcome. Haha I'm far from the perfect housewife, I assure you. I used to forget
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 *forget to show him I love him, and he would get tired of me not reciprocating. It was just taking our relationship to a dark place. So I started doing little things, like bringing him a cold drink after work. Then I started prepping his favourite snacks to go with it. Then one day I thought well f**k how good does a fresh soft towel feel I'll bring him a super fluffy one. And it's just evolved into the routine we have now. He laps it up of course. But I also use it to my advantage sometimes too. Like if I have bad news I try to deliver it just before he lays down. Then I can either leave him to deal with it however he needs to, or we can talk it out.

There are advantages to me for pampering him like this. Like if the kids have trashed the house and I haven't got to it yet, he gets distracted by the snacks and drinks. There are many other things too. This is just our way of life at the moment. In the future I may tell him to fix his own snacks and towels. But for now I'm happy here.

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 I'm dying 😂
My husband would sneak off to the toilet and phone the mental institution to come and collect me.

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What about a night away? Dinner, walk on the beach - that kind of thing. Something that's nice but will also reconnect you as a couple

Favourite meal, movie night at home, date night, appreciate/ love note, card, bottle of his favourite drink or some chocolate, a nifty gadget if he's into that, netflix & chill, sexy lingerie, sexy night with him the focus

Order his favorite food and watch his favorite movie

What kind of gestures do you mean? Could it be something as simple as cooking him his face ourite foods and letting him couch surf all day? Or something more costly like gifts? When he says he wants you to show him rather than tell him, did he give you ideas on the kinds of things he means? To me actions do speak louder than words but you dint show that in gestures. You show it over time..... like a consistent show of love and respect.

 Maybe don't cook his face.
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 Haha yes not a nice gesture 😂 Favourite is what I meant
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