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Why isn't alcohol illegal?

My husband is an alcoholic, my brother in law and sister are, one of my parent's is, my in laws are. Maybe like functioning alcoholics i might add, like they are basically consuming alcohol daily some before work, mostly holding down jobs, using up sick days tho cos of the "love"of alcohol. But it's getting worse. How the actual f#ck does this happen? How is alcohol a legal drug? All I see is lives getting ruined and debt consuming people, violence in families and stress on everyone around.


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Because the majority of people can drink responsibly and they shouldn’t be punished because of the addicts who can’t/won’t.

 That’s right.
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 I know a fair few people who do ice and use it "responsibly"
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 ^ “Fair few” vs majority
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 You'd be surprised how many a fair few is....
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 I'm happy to say I don't have any friends who do Ice
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 Lol every adult I know drinks alcohol occasionally but I don’t have any ice users in my social or family circle (and no, I’m not being naive. Even the friends who’ve used other drugs steer clear of ice)
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 If you “know a fair few people who do ice” whether responsibly or not then you should probably reconsider who you’re associating with 😒
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 But alcohol doesn't help anyone? like there are no benefits to it.

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 Helps me maintain my sanity
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Cars are dangerous, cause debt, deaths and stress. Same goes for some jobs. I feel sorry for future generations who won’t be allowed to do anything at all except work and exist in a nanny state where anything that has potential to be dangerous is banned rather than people taking responsibility for their own choices and behaviour. Already children are banned from doing cartwheels or handstands at school, they can’t have toys that look like weapons, adults can’t buy cold and flu tablets without being treated like a potential criminal just because the medicine can be used to make illegal drugs, you have to plan in advance if you’re going to get a severe headache because you can’t get strong painkillers without first seeing a doctor and wasting his/her time - all because of pandering to the minority. I used to hate hearing old people do the “back in my day” speech but now I understand it. For every step society takes forward, we take 10 steps sideways and 2 steps back.

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One thing is for sure. If alcohol (and tobacco) were invented today, no way would the government allow them to be sold.

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OMFG. 🤦‍♀️
“My MIL and FIL are morbidly obese. My brother is very overweight and so is my Dad. My SIL has an eating disorder so technically she should be really overweight but she’s kind of like a functioning fat person because she spews after every meal. They eat junk food daily some before work, even during work like AT THEIR DESKS, using up sick days tho cos of the "love"of Macca’s. But it's getting worse. How the actual f#ck does this happen? How is junk food legal?! I mean you can get 24 chicken nuggets for $10 FFS!!! It’s not their fault they’re fat!!! It’s society’s for not babying them and outlawing anything that requires any form of self-control!!!!”

 This is lame you don't need alcohol to stay alive food is very clearly different
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 ^ true, but junk food is a luxury not a necessity for staying alive. Alcohol is also a luxury. Both require self control.
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 What a terrible self serving oversimplication of a serious, complex issue.
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 Yes but also funny
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I think you misdirecting your anger. Your angry at your husband & yourself because you hate your life. There's only one person who can do anything about that.

100% agree it's one of the worse drugs too

 The ones easily obtained legally always are. Smokes, alcohol, pain meds... terrible stuff
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 Yes pain medication is terrible... except when it's actually needed to medicate pain
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Hugs, mumma! I feel your pain, deeply. My father and his entire family are raging alcoholics. A few in my mum's side, but every family has a bad apple or 2. My husband and i have lately been fighting about his drinking, more his driving while drunk or having drinks while driving (sometimes with our child) and bringing cups of adult punch to our kid's practices and games. He doesn't generally drink to excess, but these things really bother me too.

Have you heard of Al-ANON? It's a support group similar to AA for spouses, adult children, and other close friends and family members of alcoholics. It's been a guiding force through much of my adult life. I've learned heathier ways to cope with my family and my past. I also learned about the "family hero." It's often A child or spouse that smooths everything out when the drunks get in trouble, cares for the too drunk and hungover, and intentionally starts trouble to take the brunt of any aggression or violence. Even simple things like always being DD or making late night booze runs before the shops close. It's a serious problem because we enable the alcoholics and we devalue ourselves. You should look for a meeting in your area. They also have Al-ATEEN and Al-AKID for younger people affected by alcoholics in their life.

OP Yes I feel as tho i have become an enabler as my working pays our mortgage and bills and his money can buy alcohol. But if I don't, then he won't pay them. I'm at a loss. Where I live the problem with alcohol has become so bad, the region has brought in alcohol restrictions.
Domestic violence rates are so high here due to drugs and alcohol. Rbt is done school pick up time and a police officer once told me it's insane how many mothers blow over after having a few wines during the school day.

I hate alcohol so much!

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 This is the only answer to offer op a path to help her.
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 Best answer here.

I hear you darling. I too I guess am an enabler of someone who drinks too much. Often a bottle of bourbon a day.

I’d never heard of Al-Anon but thank you, I too will look them up.

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The truth of why it is legal? Well Australia did attempt prohibition however the beer companies and harder liqour distilleries very quickly got involved in the politics of the time. Britain and America attempted prohibition as well and failed dramatically. My understanding is that the men in power at the time had a thirst that needed quenching. Marijuana was then made illegal because the big tabbacco companies and grog companies saw it as an immediate threat/direct competition and by then they had a strong foothold in politics.
I understand your pain OP. Hold on and get support for yourself honey! Its not an easy road to travel. Get yourself some private counselling sessions as well.

 And it is readily made at home - with sometimes lethal consequences. Get it wrong and you can blind or kill people - so perhaps better to have a regulated manufacturing industry. But personally, I feel it is poison too.
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Government makes too much money to make it illegal

 If alcohol was cheaper, more people would consume it, instead of ice
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 Yeah they need to pay for there tax funded holidays and excessive pensions
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 And maybe your Family Tax Benefit.
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It is a legal drug because so many people make a lot of money from it.

Marriage causes those problems too. Mayby it should be illegal

 As woman we'd probably be better off if marriage was illegal lol
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I have 2 people in my family that are severe alcoholics. It use to hurt the family in the beginning but then it got to the stage where there is nothing you can do for them but leave them or love them. We're a pretty strong family and chose the love them option. One big flaw isn't something to give up a person altogether if they are a really good person despite it. I'm glad our family hasn't turned their backs on these two and have worked around them as it's sad to loose family. One of them had split from their partner and it was better for both of them. The other is still with their partner and have ups and downs but are ok with working thru the issues all the time.
Even though we have these two addicts, it's not something we would call a ban on or anything. You're either strong to help and/or love them or you're not.