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Implanon bleeding

This is my first implanon. I had it put in 11 weeks ago a couple of days after my daughter was born. I don’t know if I had much spotting in the first 6 weeks but had some mild spotting about 3-4 weeks ago. I’ve just realised I’ve had a bit more today. I know it can take a while to settle down but I’m starting to think this might be my period. Does anyone else who has had this little contraption know if it could be? My normal period is like the amazon river, it’s so heavy and I get extreme pain. This is something a liner would be able to handle and as for pain, it’s just non existent. Is this most likely my period and will this be my norm until I need to get it changed?


Answers (1)

I had it and bled for 6 months. My dr kept saying it will pass. I did this for another 6 months. Sometimes a liner would work, but my period was like yours, very heavy. I just couldn't handle the bleeding, no matter if it was light anymore so I took mine out. Mirena worked better for me in the end. It didnt stop my periods, but there was a break!
Maybe give yours some extra time maybe it will work for you. Otherwise, try something else. I wish you all the best!