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Do you check use by and best before dates at other people’s house ?

My in laws had a squirt of tomato sauce in bottle use by June 2019


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It's sauce, not a big issue. They might refill from a larger 2L bottle, I do

 I'm the same. I clean the smaller bottle out when it's empty with warm soapy water then refil it from the 2L bottle
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I buy in bulk and refill many things. Many of my containers say they are out of date but 10 years. Doesn't mean they are. Just make sure they are washed out well with very hot water and completely dried before refilling. My sister in law was disgusted when she looked once. She throws everything out b4 the date. I had to explain, she still was grossed out. How could you use a container twice!!

No I don't check dates but if I did happen to see something we'll out of date I'd think twice. Of course it would depend on the product. Sauce is ok. I found some sausages in my freezer the other day from 2017 so it happens to the best of us sometimes. And yes I threw them out 🤣

 Check your freezer often
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 Obviously I don't or I would have thrown them out 2 years ago. Freezer patrol is not one of my priorities 😘
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Sauce doesn’t have a used by date. It has a best before date. Don’t worry, you’re not going to die.

Yes I do. Not so much best before dates but I have a glance at use by dates.

Nope, has never occurred to me to do it. We use out of date milk at my parents house all the time. It doesn't magically go off the day after the use by date.

I always do. Especially milk! There’s no way I’d risk getting sick if someone else hasn’t finished up the milk and it’s been opened for a long time or past th use by. My husband and I do it and his parents don’t seem to care.

 What about long life milk? It doesn't have a date and you wouldn't know how long it's been open.
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 You record the date on carton or smell it
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 Yeah but at someone else's house? We don't write anything onthe cartoon
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 ^whoops wrong button lol. We don't write anything on the carton as it never lasts a week.
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No its rude, if you are that worried buy them new sauce.