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Layby for a holiday

Has anyone used a layby company for a holiday?
My Husband is turning 40 late next year and I would love to set up a layby for a family holiday, hopefuly booking it far enough in advance where he might not notice small installments.
I know that Chrisco does it and I found other companies as well but I can't seem to find any other Australian companies though and some of the holidays automatically include flights, which we might not need.
Any recommendations or places to stay away from would be great


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I never use layby. Deals are terrible, restrictive, have fine print on extra costs, available travel dates (could be at worst time of year) & if a company goes bust you lose every cent. Sadly, It happens often.

I'd put the money into a separate account, then surprise hubby & choose together. It also gives you time & freedom to select where you want to go, if it's a good time of year to go there & you can get a good deal when it comes up & with $$ you save you can stay longer.

The looking around with complete freedom is so muchh fun for hubby, myself & the kids & you learn a lot about booking future trips.

Either way I hope you have a fantastic holiday!! offer a $500 Webjet gift card. You can pay it off weekly then use the gift card to purchase holiday packages, accommodation, flights and even car hire.

I would also google a few of your local travel agents (flight centre, BLT etc) and ask them what lay away packages they have or can offer.

Another option would be to put the money into an online interest accounts like ING or something - rather than pay off a pre-planned holiday just save up a few hundred or thousand and then throw together a few holiday ideas and get him to pick which one he would like the most.