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Burnt my hooha

I used hair removal cream on my hooha and it didnt remove all the hair so decided to do it again to get the remainer.Now I have a sore hooha and it burns to pee.What should I do?


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Drink lots of water so the pee doesn't burn as much (dilute the urine basically) and flush out any germs.

What’s a hooha ?

 A really vulgar name for female genitalia. For some reason people have trouble saying, or even typing vagina, or labia etc so use words like hooha to describe it.
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 If hooha is really vulgar to you how do you cope in the real world?
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 The real word is just as disgusting. I cope with it just fine as I hear it often but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.
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 ^ ah I misread what you said, what I meant was I find say other words disgusting too. So far, I’ve managed to cope just fine in the real world. It is possible to find words like hoohar vulgar and exist 😂
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 "Hooha" isn't so much vulgar as it is immature. People need to grow up and just say vagina and vulva. You don't call your elbow some cutsie made up name, don't do it for genitalia.
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Boil a liter or 2 of water and steep 20 teabags for about 30 mins. Add this to a cool bath and soak to relieve burns. Next pat dry gently then apply aloe and loose cotton skivvies. Finally drink an extra few glasses of water to dilute your urine while you heal.

Stop calling it a hooha for starters. Maybe take some Ural to help the wee situation. Air it out aswell.

I've done this before too! Don't worry, it should settle quickly, but like the other ladies have said- cool bath and see dr if it doesn't subside

Sit in a cold bath. As you would any other burn on your body, you need to cool the burned area down. Also, as already said, drink water. Watch for signs of infection. Keep the area as clean as you can. Maybe wear pads and change them often as burns should be covered. If none of that works, go see a dr.

Let it be, avoid tight undies and as others have said, a cool bath to help soothe