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13 reasons why.

I believe it should be shown in schools (high school).


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Nope. So many problems with that show. Made suicide seem cool and glamorous, also justifiable if you have 'reasons'. Gave the impression you'll be around afterwards watching the effect on people. Showed graphic scenes of how to go about it. Showed adults are no help and counseling services etc will just victim blame you.
The measurable spike in copycat suicides after it aired alone would be ringing huge alarm bells for me. Very important to talk about but there's a right way to do it an clearly this wasn't it.
Parents can make their own choices and if it's right for their kids watch it with them under guidance. But would no way advocate making it mandatory viewing. Can imagine it would be highly distressing and triggering for some vulnerable teens.

If parents want their teens to watch this show than they should watch it with them at home, so that they can talk to them afterwards. Parents need to talk to their kids about these issues, not everything should be left up to teachers and schools.

In Aus, it's rated MA 15+ so we wouldn't be allowed to show it at school.

OP I understand that but it wasn’t what I was asking. 🙂
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 What I mean is, we would have to change the rules in my system (NSW public) to show it. And those rules exist for good reason. The content is valuable, certainly, but would be up to the parents to show, in my opinion.
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I haven’t watched either of the seasons personally but I do not believe it is appropriate for it to be shown in schools. From what I have heard and read about it, it glorifies suicide. I feel that it puts the idea into teenagers minds that killing yourself is an acceptable way of handling tough times. And I think it is highly inappropriate to show someone ending their own life and then leaving behind tapes of blame for everyone else so everyone else has to live with the guilt. I understand the message they are trying to get across but I just don’t think it is necessary. These topics can be addressed without showing a series like this, I would not be happy with it being shown to my children.

Yes especially American schools season 2 opens up a whole lot more issues that happen there.

For sure. Awareness. And I'm hoping that teachers and anyone affiliated with the school gets proper training to look for signs of sexual assault, bullying etc.. and any cover up shouldn't be taken lightly.

I’d rate it r18. I think its such a good show though!

 Def needs to r18. It was too much for me. I had to turn it off then couldn't sleep.
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I read that after the first season, there was a spike in teen sucides. I don’t think it would be shown in schools at all.

OP I don’t believe believe it would be either, but I do believe it should be, and with an open discussion so people start talking about the issue we generally don’t. There may be a few instances where kids have been influenced badly but they were also not shown in a safe, talkative environment with a professional which is what I’m talking about. There has been an increase in school shootings also in the past decade. When do we start talking about why these things happen with our kids and students?
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OP Typing errors, blame the phone. Apologies!
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 You should always be talking about these things! Maybe 13 Reasons can open the dialogue somewhat if you don’t have the skill base to do it. But I think if the producers wanted this to be an anti bullying series everyone should watch, they really could have done a better job of it. And made it far more realistic.
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