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Ex’s family and friends

How do you deal with the lies and bullshit that go with a split.?

Im finally in a mostly good space, Apart from the judgment and snickers I receive on a daily basis and rumours going around. Small town so people talk but after all that happened im still the bad guy and my ex is a saint.

People chose to turn a blind eye to the abuse that was happening, and because my ex has said a different version of events Including that i cheated (which i didnt) everyone has the opinion that i caused it or lied about it (even ones who saw it firsthand)

I want my mental health back on track 100% and not have anxiety attacks when i go to the supermarket or school pick up


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Head high lovely! You know your truth! Keep striving forward. Ignore them, they don’t matter. Life will take us through waves of good times and crappy times. Ride the wave OP with humility and grace. They are waiting for you to snap, do not fall into their trap. Good luck, you will be OK x

 100% Love this 😊
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 Me too! But I should mention it’s my reply 😂
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 You should be an advisor for the PM babe 👍🤣😘
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 Can you nominate me please 😝
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Hold your head high and enjoy life.
If it’s affecting you and or your work or your children’s well-being or social life move!

 Centrelink sometimes offer a crisis payment to help move after break ups, tell them it’s impacting your and your children’s mental health
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I hate how people believe everything they’re told without even knowing the person. If I were you I’d move. Get away from the negativity.

Ahhh small town gossip! Those that truly know you will rise above the whispers and see the truth. I guess you just have to ride the storm and eventually they will get bored and gossip about something else. Sorry you have to put up with it!