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Toddler rolling out of bed

So I'm needing to transition my 2 year old from a cot to a bed and she keeps rolling out. Was wondering if anyone had tried the pool noodle idea or if anyone had any other ideas that would work?


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I bought the top only of a bunk bed. It had been separated in store due to a fault but they were perfect separately. Anyway, I bought the top because it had a sturdy rail built in. You could look for a cheap bunk and just use the top or you could buy the mesh rail as others suggested.

I just rolled up a towel, like the shape of a pool noodle.
Worked perfectly.

I put a pillow under the mattress to slant them away from the edge. Worked well for us.

I tried the pool noodle, it helped my son. I also used those mesh bed side things. Either one worked. But pool noodle less expensive :)

Put the mattress on the floor until she can stay on it.

OP There's not enough room in the bedroom. She's in a bunk bed with her sister and that alone takes up most of the bedroom. Plus it's wood floors, she'd get too cold if she rolled off.
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Use the cot mattress on the floor next to the bed. If your daughter rolls out, she will have a softer landing. During the day the cot mattress can be put under her bed so it's out of the way 👍

Thank's ladies, sorry I haven't been able to stop today and only just got a chance to sit down and get back on here to read the replies. Judging from your responses I might need to look in to one of those rails if a pool noodle doesn't work. Her sister is on the top bunk and it has sides all around it but the bottom one not so much lol. Thank you all so much 😊

I put a rolled up towel under the fitted sheet as a barrier & all the sofa cushions on the floor.

So we use rails. The fold down type, got them from toys r us before it shut down. Baby bunting and target may have a similar thing.
They cost me $50 and are made of mesh in the middle (with a frame) so when child rolls into it they can still breathe. I put them halfway down the bed and then just shove a cushion between bed and bedside table in case their head goes toward that spot. Problem solved :)

 I got a rail from Kmart, $29. More likely to work than a noodle, my son would go straight over the top of them.
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 Same! I got a Kmart one but I feel like they aren’t as good as the one I got from toys r us. Reason being, Kmart one doesn’t say anywhere on outside of box (or maybe I overlooked this) but when I opened it up, said not to be used with slat beds. All of my beds are slat. The other ones are able to be used on any type of bed
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