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We're all on the same side

So it's not really a question but an idea. Maybe I'm incredibly optimistic this morning but I think it would be amazing if we could find a way to help each other achieve more instead snarking on each other on these forums. Let's face it we're looking after kids at home we're already behind the 8 ball financially. Some of these women on here aren't in great situations dv etc. It'd be great if we could all be financially independent regardless of a man, who wouldn't love that. So lets lift each other up & help each other...fuck i sound like a tv evangelist - you get the point though.


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Some people are so rude on here I can't believe that they think its ok to talk to others like that!

Sounds like you're selling MLM.

 Whats MLM?
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 Sorry i don't know if that's a joke or your just overly suspicious?? I'm legit not selling anything. Just an idea that if we all worked together we could take over the world (insert evil cackle here). No seriously just a nice environment where we could brain storm about making $$'s really which would help all of us.
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 Lol I thought this too ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was waiting to see the "contact me here to discuss" or "here's my gofundme details for you to help the cause". But then I thought, shit, maybe I'm just being a bitch, so I didn't say anything ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ glad I'm not the only suspicious one out here.

MLM is multi-level marketing. It's like an upside down pyramid scheme. Where to make money, you need to both sell product and pay a commission to the person who recruited you. Like these scentsy people (just a blind example, I actually have no idea about scentsy)

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I agree.
Maybe today, everyone could compliment a stranger, you're down the shop and find a Mum who has a dress on that you like? Tell her that you love her dress!! You'll make her day.

 And find something nice to say about her children. She has put so much work and love into those kids and it will not be appreciated by them till they are mothers themselves. She doesnโ€™t need strangers judging her when they misbehave in public - but when they are being good, let her and the kids know how patient they are being / what good helpers they are / how lovely they play together etc. It rewards the mum and encourages the kids on future outings ๐Ÿ˜Š
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 If some stranger said that to me, I would fee very uncomfortable. You dont need to compliment strangers, just be thoughtful and kind in your interactions with all people no matter if they are a mum, dad, child, elderly, teenage or whatever.
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 I saw a lady wearing a dress from the shop I work in. I told her she looked great in the dress. She gave me a dirty look then rolled her eyes and turned her back on me.
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I agree there too many trolls on here. Alot get thier jollys off writting nasty comments without consequences

 We just have to ignore the nasty comments. I think it's funny when someone writes an awful comment, and no one responds.
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Yeah mothers are our own worst enemies. It's weird when we should be supportive but enjoy destroying each other instead

 Be nice if we could change that...maybe just putting the idea out that might make people stop & think before they type that snarky comment.
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I agree.! Some people are unnecessarily rude and nasty. Just because itโ€™s the internet doesnโ€™t make it ok. If you canโ€™t help, or be kind then just keep on scrolling. Why is that so hard?

What side? Im a working mum, and I am financially independent. Loads of others on here are too. I dont put people down though! I try to help with the things I can like cooking or whatever.