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Lite n easy?

Any experiences? Have zero time to prepare food and end up shoving in a sandwich after long work hours. Need something healthy convenient and no fuss


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Iv had two meals and gotta say I'm pretty impressed.

 They are really nice. I ended up just buying the frozen meals in bulk (slightly cheaper)
Faves - steak with mushroom sauce. No idea how they get that sucker so tender from frozen.
Yum to many good ones to list

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I know a couple of people who have tried it. none have lost weight because the meals aren't adequate. So I've heard, I really dont know.

If your issue is time, them maybe you should set aside a couple of hours on the weekend and make your meals for the week. Portion and freeze. All you need to do really to lose weight is plan. Know what you're eating each day and make sure it's nutritious and portions are controlled.

OP Thank you I put in an order for the week to try it. See how it goes I found a company through a recommendation of a friend on facebook that looks great I'll try the new year, thanks for taking time to answer
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 The key to any weight loss if finding what works for you. And that is different for everyone. I know lite n easy isn't for everyone, but it might be for you. You can only but try! Good luck, OP. I hope you have success.
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I'm on week 3 I recommend getting the medium plan if you have kids they will want to share mummies snacks. The dinners are good I really like them. I'm In Wild so get to try the new salads and I am a fan of those too.

I'm doing it and it's the easiest way to diet. The meals are tasty and lots of variety. So far I've lost a kilo a week.

Lots of good reviews. However, there are also lots of other options. Maybe have a look here: They cover over 150 meal delievery services in Australia. You can also read summaries for each service. For instance, there is one on Lite n Easy here: ( When searching for services you can filter for dietary needs and other criteria.

 I love youfoodz. Fresh
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What about a meal delivery service? They drop it in your doorstep ready to cook. So easy my 10 year old.can do it with minimal supervision.

OP Thank you after a recommendation from a post on facebook Iv found a company that does similar to what you've said :) thanks
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 OP - which company? Let us know how it goes!
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The Cooking Lite website has an article about light slow cooker meals. Dump everything in in the morning and dinner is ready when you are.

OP Bought a slow Coker for this reason- haven't use it once lol. I just don't have time to prepare meals and I'm slowly gaining weight and I hate it
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 I make up 3 or 4 meals on Sunday morning for the week. Then, freeze them raw. All I have to do is defrost overnight and dump in the morning. Check out "freezer meals" on pinterest. I started out using those recipies because some ingredients (potatoes) do not freeze well.
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 PS If you forget to thaw run under cold water while everyone gets up and ready. 20 mins and its thawed enough to toss in the crock pot. If it's still a little frozen, it's OK too.
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 you have an excuse for everything OP! Maybe dont come on here and ask for help if you are going to knock it all back!! Stay the way you are!
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OP Lol. I just asked what lite n easy was like , not help on how else to cook haha
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OP Sorry the last part did sound like I was asking that I was saying my reasons for going on it to give context as to why I'm trying it (and if it solves that problem)
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 I didn't realize it was a brand. I thought you were interested in easier ways to eat better.
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waste of money
portions small and expensive

OP I found the portion size totally adaquet and far more than what I'm currently eating!
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I did it and lost weight but OMG had to take a nap at lunch time because I was starving and too weak to function. Try to reduce your meal size instead, eat off a small plate instead of dinner size and just have fruit for lunch. Also, cut out soft drink. I'm on a no carbs mostly salad diet and I loses kilo a week.

 I was like that when I first started.... ate dinner at lunch and lunch at night.
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It's a very expensive option if you are your whole family are doing it.
The reviews on the internet are half and half about quality and price.
Have you tried cooking up your weekly meals on the weekend?

OP The extra cash I have it's only 113 a week and family grocery bill is 70/80 a week hubby works nights so I only have a 3 yo and 1 yo who eat raw Vegies and Rice or pasta. Will cook 1/2 nights a week for them but they won't eat Many hot dishes and are happy with raw veggies.
If I had time to meal prep I would but I just don't I hire a cleaner once a week. I only work 4 mornings a week but lifes just crazy around it- I'll trying another company but they are dearer in the the new year.
My life n easy comes tomorrow lol

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 I'm sorry but if you want to make it work it will, takes no more than an hour or two to meal prep! I know life is crazy but people need to stop using their kids and such as an excuse as to why their house is dirty or why their gaining weight
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OP Meh I'd rather spend that hour or two with hubby or my kids or surfing and have someone else do that for me. That's why Iv sought meal prep companies.
I'm just nipping the weight Iv gained in the butt before it gets out. Of control.

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I do it. I do 5 days breakfast, lunch, dinner (it includes morning and afternoon tea), and it's about $113. I drive more than an hour each way to work so nights are pretty busy in our house. My 11yo likes the dinners so I stock up on them as well in the freezer for nights I cbf. I usually get bored after 6 weeks and take a break.
If you buy the dinners only It works out to about $7/8 per meal by getting a few weeks with at a time.

I've tried other brands but lne is my fave.

OP Have you lost weight or just maintained? Want to lose 7kgs for june
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 7kgs should be easy without lite and easy that's about 250g a week, exercise such as walking and eating healthy, smaller size meals. Cut out soft drink, chocolate and should've be easy done
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 I have done this also. I lost weight on it then changed my calorie plan to maintain. I took a break but I am about to start again. My husband and I order extra dinners and frozen meals. Some days I just take the frozen min meal instead of the lunch and we eat the dinners when we get home late. We stopped buying as much take away. We add the individual steam vegetable bags also. We do cook as well but it is awesome to have. -LK
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 The steam veg bags are from woolies or coles not lite n easy. -LK
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OP I don't have snacks or soft drinks- it's really just the time poor meals :/ ends up being sandwiches so many times. I think Iv found a good company to use in the new year that does the same thing but I like their meal options better.
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