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WTF???? I can't believe George Pell is going to be released.


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Even if he did not commit the specific crimes for which he has now been exonerated, he deserved the sentence he has served, for consistently protecting, and shielding from prosecution, the prolific pedophile Gerald Ridsdale in Ballarat, who abused 65 children, some as young as 4, over many years.
The lives of 65 people have been ruined !
All those who protected Ridsdale should have been prosecuted for it.
So for all you Catholics celebrating his release, remember the rest of the Australian population will not be forgetting about those 65 people who he enabled to be victimised.

 I AGREE THAT HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD THE POLICE. (Caps so you don't think I'm disagreeing with you)
BUT, there is more to this than meets the eye.
This man put his entire life into the church. He followed his deepest love and made immense sacrifices to do what he saw as his divine privilege - serving the church and his own hearts faith. In his mind, if he'd broken the seal of confession, he'd be betraying God, and effectively spitting on everything he knows to be true. All for some piece if shit kiddy fiddler. He'd have thrown his God out, because he'd be betraying his vows to represent the Lord on earth.
This is really difficult for me to put into words, but I understand why Pell might have tried other means to remove the problem (kiddy fiddler) by other means within his power, without breaking his own faith. He would have had limits on what he could do though, given his position in a wider organisation.
I just mean, there's more than just black and white here.

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 Each one is enabling the next
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 🙄 dont you think ‘God’ wld have given ‘Pell a pass in order to save the children?

Basically what you are saying is, God raped those children and thats ok.

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 I don't believe in God so for me, they're fables
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 Considering his rank, he should have spoken out. No excuses. The scarcity of confession and god line is just a bunch of bullshit that allows him to protect a rock spider.
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 Hold up, basically what I'm saying is: whatever decision Pell made, he thought it was the appropriate one for his position. I'm saying that whilst we can sit here and form opinions on his actions, the people who granted his appeal obviously did so based on facts. There is a big difference between opinions and facts.
"Basically God raped these kids" - no. Not in the slightest. Could Pell have deluded himself into thinking that the sexual abuse was designed to happen (because priests ARE meant to uphold God's laws and represent Him on earth)? Possibly.

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I can't beleive he was ever convicted. The so called "evidence" didn't even add up. It just all made no sense and contradicted itself.

I dont believe he is even guilty. You should do some research on his case. He was accused during the Royal Commission. The accuser's account of what happened is contradictory. His own witnesses do not tell the same version of events. The customs of the Catholic church do not allow Priests to be alone while wearing ceremonial clothes. The ceremonial clothes do not allow access as the accuser states. I believe something happened to the victim, but I do not believe it was Pell as he is accused.

 .....Says the Catholic
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 I actually agree with your points. It's not beyond reasonable doubt that Pell is not guilty (obviously, now he's being released). Whether he did the crimes he stands accused of, or not, the evidence isn't enough to hold him.
The only people who know for sure whether he did those unspeakable acts are those directly involved (Pell himself, and his accusers).
And given the high profile of the case, it seems almost impossible that a jury could remain impartial. Which then translates into the possibility that he was wrongfully convicted.
It's very easy to hate him for what he allegedly did to those (then) boys. But as strong as our sense of disgust is in those alleged actions, so would our disgust be if we villified an innocent man. Or at least it should be equally disgusting.
Even if others disagree with you (OP of this comment), I think you make some good points regarding the lack of consistency in the prosecutions case.

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 Some good points babe 💜
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 Agreed after reviewing evidence. Impossible for him to be guilty
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 ^ oops. I think you mean innocent
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Church is a massive pedofile ring, they all cover for each other and move people to new cities when ever problems arise. The Government turn a blind eye for the money and power the church's hold over people. Plus some of the higher up also paedofiles, see Jeffery epstein.

Wake up people stop encouraging child abusers because you refuse to give up 'faith' on a fake God.

Just because he is not guilty doesn't men he is innocent

It’s very difficult to get a conviction on sexual assault cases - especially historical ones and involving minors. Add the high profile nature of the case and the powerful position of the man and I don’t know how you would ever get to the bottom of what happened.

 Well Pell certainly ‘got to the bottom’ no doubt about that.
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 Oh no you didn't 😂😂🥰
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The Catholic Church is very powerful - I wonder how many high court judges are catholic?
Hopefully his and the rest of the Catholic Churches victims that haven’t died by suicide or drug use will seek compensation in some other form....

Can’t believe how many people on here are supporter of him! I’m catholic and I definitely can’t turn a blind eye to someone who was not only accused himself, but has enabled his colleagues to abuse children 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

 Thank you, the other Catholics are making me puke.
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 Why are you still catholic? I grew up being forced to attend catholic schools - as an adult, there is no way I could continue to belong to/believe in any religion.
The Catholics are a special type of evil - the historical abuse of children should be enough for people to discontinue their support of the Catholic Church.

Where are the Catholics during covid19? - the Sihks are out there producing free healthy meals for anyone who needs/wants it - the Catholics are holed up looking out for themselves!! - you can bet the pope isn’t out there cooking up meals for the poor....
They are incredibly wealthy yet let the poor continue to suffer - discouraging birth control in 3rd world yeah, thumbs up Catholics - way to go!
Rant over.

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 ^best comment on here
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 I'm not a catholic, and I certainly don't support him. But, he's been found not guilty. That's enough to make me sit on the fence about him. Is he an asshole? For sure. But is he an asshole who molested children? I can't answer that. That's a factual statement, and I only have opinions on the case.
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 Awesome response ^^
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Thankfully it's not over yet. He still has more to pay

So disgusting. Just the icing on an already fu***d to year really. And it’s only April.

Why are all the pro-Pell comments deleted?
No wonder this site is a joke.

 Because the moderators know the truth about Pell
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He’s innocent

 Sure. So is rolph Harris, bill Cosby, Jeffrey epstein and Harvey weinstein
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 He is in NO WAY innocent!
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 and you are a fool to think he’s innocent
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Him walking into the convent with the nun’s beside him was one of the most scary scenes ive ever seen.