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What do you want for Valentine's Day?

First what you want reality wise..... second if babysitters/ money wasnt an issue.

I'm going to be happy with some chocolates. I'd love a weekend away at a cosy resort with lots of room service and bubbly in a bubble bath.


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Real, true love. The kind that doesn’t cheat on you after you have kids with them. 😂

 So sad but that was my first thought too. Sad isn’t it
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 Yep, same
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 Same here ...
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 Same here
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Well, I in my Valentine's Day fantasy would just like a tall dark handsome gentleman to bring me flowers and ask me out on a date. I don't think chivalry is dead. They have to be decent flowers, though.

Shoulder massage and kiss on the cheek as he passes to show he knows I’m there. Pinch on the butt and kiss on the neck to say he still finds me attractive. Dinner together to show he thinks I’m worth spending his time/money on. Insisting I order dessert to show he doesn’t feel I should go on a diet. Feeling this much love, I would totally blow his mind as my gift to him 💝

My perfect Valentine’s Day.

Wake up on my own, enjoy a sleep in and a coffee brought to me in bed, then a nice hot shower, followed by breakfast. A massage, then home to lounge around the rest of the day, dinner out followed by either going to see a movie I pick with no complaints from hubby then home for sex and then to sleep a full night.

Basically I want to sleep and relax and not cook.

Id be happy with a card and coffee in bed.
What i want is more money than sense to blow on what ever i fancy 😂😂😂

Love, Effort, Honesty and Loyalty

 I think most of us would love this every day, both ways, with the one we love. I know I would.
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Not cooking dinner!!

 That's exactly what I said 😆
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Why is dick offensive and removed??? Still want dick!

 Maybe they like the word Penis more?
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I have ordered myself a huge bunch of flowers to be delivered in the morning. I am going to get a haircut and color, mani pedis & have coffee with a friend.
Later in the afternoon I’ll go and visit my partner, he is goal at the moment. So there will be no between the sheets action, looking forward to a hug & kisses though 😍

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 I assume she meant gaol/jail
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 You married a loser
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A kid free dinner just hubby and I would be nice. Not to a happen though.

My husband to come home from working away. Otherwise, an overseas trip with husband!

A carton of beer.

 What kind?
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 Coopers Pale Ale 😁
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