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What do your kids do at daycare/kindy?

I am a stay at home mum and looking for ideas to do with my boy during the day to help get him prepared for prep next year. So any mums or educators out there what activities do the kids do at kindy or daycare?


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Toileting is a must. I had a very smart 6yr old had to stay in kindy due to toileting. She could write, spell, know and identify numbers and letters etc even though english was her second language but she couldn't toilet by herself. Kindy was extremely boring for her and i really had to push parents into toilet training- like really push. She had better english skills than them so was very hard to get them to unserstand. But she gor there in the end and started school not long ago :) :) :) otherwise prep teachers request if possible: kids are able to sit on a mat and listen. That is always the biggest comment- they know which kids attend kindy/vs- stay home as they can sit and listen. So maybe just try that a couple times a week. Get child to sit while you give an instruction and then go and do the activity etc. Anything else is a bonus :) i try to make learning fun- play playdough with kids- but say im going to make the letter 'A' can you try that. And then make something starting with A like apple. It doesnt have to look anything like an apple- it just shows they have a slight interest in trying etc.

The best thing you can do for your little one is let him play. Kids learn so much through play- both solitary and with peers. Get a box together of bits and pieces- pipe cleaners, Pom poms, toilet rolls, sticks, leaves, bowls, wool- whatever you can find. Initially he may need you to create/ play with him, but as his thinking skills increase he won't need so much help anymore. If you're already encouraging this, please continue! Also, Read to him and ask him questions about the book.
All of the academic skills will come, kids aren't usually expected to know shapes, colours, numbers or the alphabet.
If you want to include more structured activities, building with blocks, cooking simple recipes, making music/dancing, painting and obstacle courses are popular.
Enjoy your boy and good on you for thinking about this!
(I'm a mum, educator and ot)

Cutting and gluing is important, so is name recognition (so he can tell what belongs to him etc) and packing things away. At kindy there's quite a focus on putting your belongings back in your bag.

Obviously being able to toilet themselves and wipe their own bums, fine motor skills are really important too.

Mainly self care, toileting getting changed etc. it depends on the kindy, my kindy is play based and focuses on nature play and unstructured activities so there really isn't much you would need to do to prepare your child for that environment.

Thanks ladies. He is pretty good with most of that stuff but I will have to get on to the bum wiping! Thanks again 😊

Maybe find a kindy program that does 5 day fortnights and send your Lo. It's not expensive. It helps for social skills too.

My son couldn't wipe his bum in kindy so I told him only to do number 2 at home. Lucky it worked he only did them at home until I taught him and he could do it cleanly.

Pinterest has amazing ideas! Box play, sand, goop, paint, slime, glitter, play dough, making tents, inventing themes.. Safari, jungle, zoo, school, post office the lists are endless...