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What do you think of the woman complaining about the Bunnings sausage sizzle?

Her husband got a sausage in a bun and paid $2.50. She asked for onions only in her bun and was also charged $2.50. She's kicking up a stink because she thinks she should have been charged less. Would you have a hissy fit over something that is raising money for charities?


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Who the f**k is Karen?

 Karen is plankton's computer wife
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Bet she had the can I speak to the manager haircut?

 That would be Karen
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When I helped out at a sausage sizzle we would ask for less money from the people who just wanted a bun or just the sausage and EVERYONE said no, I’ll pay the full price to help the kids. Lots of people would tell us to keep the change and some people didn’t want anything but donated money. Karen is a whinger.

The prices are normally on a board which she wouod have seen. She would have known that BEFORE ordering someone just wants 15 minutes of fame.

 I agree. The prices are set. That's it. If it bothers you, then don't buy one. $2.50 towards a charity is not much
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What is all this business about Karen asking for the manager? I heard it somewhere else too.