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What brings out the Bogan in you? 🥰


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Smoking a bong and drinking goon wine wearing druggie shirt and uggies
Smoking also Winnie blues and listening to cold chisel

 That’s me except goon is gentleman jack and I wear singlets and push up bras
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I live in Kalgoorlie. So my whole life

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As soon as the other person starts swearing over a bundy rum and coke....I have found my people lol

 Ah i miss those people, they were fun. Where are they now? They don't move in my circles....probably for the best they just used to get me into trouble anyway.
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 Bet you have a mullet
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 Cool 🤘🤘
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 My body runs on my Bundy and coke .. it's my go to every time - although usually OP
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Beers, burnouts and bitchs

 Bi****s ... I am a terrible speller and correct to help others. I appreciate it when others do for me.
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State of Origin & NRL grand final

 Yep go blues
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I am a huge bogan at heart! I love my whiskey, I get to the track when I can to go drifting and I love the smell of burnt rubber 😂😂

Dressing in bogany clothes even if only at home......still makes me feel bogan. I know a few mums that actually wear the same things to school pick up and drop off. Not judging them I just could personally never dress like that out of my home.

Hearing guns n roses - sweet child o mine on the radio when I'm driving 🤩

 My brother & I went to their concert a couple of years ago...... we fully boganed out!!
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 Omg, I can here to write the same thing🤣
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 It’s hearing Jesse’s Girl for me
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 I'm the guns and roses comment but jessies girl is probably my fave song ever 😍😍😍😍
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Sitting down on the front porch, beer in hand saying “Aaahhh how’s the serenity?” 😂

The sound of a V8. Get's me everytime. Makes me wish I didn't drive a Prado.