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Sibling Gifts

tomorrow is my sister in laws sons 3rd bday and everyone has to buy a small present for the siblings in case they get jealous and they are 2,4,5 and 9

do you do siblings gift ?


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No- absolutely not. If the parents want to do that, it's their prerogative. To expect everyone else to do it is rude. Do they expect to get presents at other people's birthday parties they attend? That's not how life works and their doing the kids no favours.

 brilliant answer!
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So she expects you to buy 5 presents each time one of her kids has a birthday. Wow, that would end up being ridiculously expensive. I think it is rude to expect presents from others for your kids birthday (and even ruder to expect presents for your non birthday children). I would just say I couldn't afford to buy 5 presents.

No, it is not okay to ask that of you, nor is it okay for a parent to do it.
A child's birthday is their special day, it is completely unfair to take that away from the birthday child.

That sounds ridiculous! I wouldn't humor them and if they bring it up then tell them you thought they were joking

I give one tiny present to siblings on my kids birthdays. I will do this until age 5 or 6. I don't ask anyone else to.

 I did this too. It would just be a bubble wand or a small ball.
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WTF. This is ridiculous. What next a separate cake for each of the siblings? A mummy made award for siblings when one gets one at school? Handing out ribbons to siblings when one wins a race?

 I feel sorry for those is going to be really hard for them and they will be self centred humans who can't enjoy others happiness.
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I have never been asked to do that! That sounds ridiculous and expensive.

I give my son a present when its his brothers birthday and vice versa but I would never expect, or in fact want, anyone else too.

 Can I ask why you do it? How old are your kids and do you plan on doing this forever?
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 I just started it when they were young, they only 7 and 8 now. Dont know why I just did. Not sure if I will continue it, probably .
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 Same. My kids get a small present from us on each others Birthday but would never expect guests to do it too.

We do it to curb jealously in very young kids. My parents did the same for myself and my siblings too.

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nope. MIL did when we had our baby son was 2 at the time, I'm of the opinion that kids need to learn to wait fir their birthday but the birthday kid also has to learn to show

No, that's nuts! Who had that much money?!? Kids need to learn it's not their turn to get a gift, expecting that is raising entitled little shits