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How did you know you wanted to marry your husband?


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He kissed my foot and I knew he was the one (I have ugly feet) my dad often joked that if a bloke should do such a thing I should marry him and I bloody did lol. Other than that he made me laugh and I knew I wanted to laugh til the day I die and I knew I would with him

My husband really benefited from past mens mistakes. Those other guys showed me what i didn't want & what were deal breakers. Apart from having good compatibility & sense of humour. i always loved that he never tried to morph me into something else - he's ideal anything. He was happy for me to be me & do my own thing - not that I'm off on my own all the time but when i do it's not a massive deal. it was all very Bridget Jones - i like you just as you are. That & he likes to have fun doesn't want to just sit around the house all the time. In case you can't tell I'm super happy about that.

When you know that no matter what problems arise you your relationship you will always have each others back and can imagine growing old and grey together