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How many times a week do you wash your kids uniform ? Bed linen Towels


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Kids uniforms get changed daily. They have enough sets for one a day

Towels every second day

Bed linen weekly

Do a search, this kind of question has been asked before. And for some strange reason, the discussion always becomes heated! Let’s see where this one goes 😂

 You must be rich with uniforms
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 Yes I must be. How dare I. 😂
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 I must be hey. How dare I 😂
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 I must be rich too. How dare I save my money to make sure my kids have a clean shirt everyday.
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 Don’t your kids wear Deodrant ?
You must be unemployed

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 Rich or unemployed, so confused!
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I can’t believe people wash their towels after every use . That’s psychotic.

Towels after each use. Uniforms - fresh shirt every day but pants two days. Linen every 7-10 days.

Fresh Uniforms and towels everyday.
Linen sometimes a week or 2.. but my kids are showered every night without fail just before bed so their sheets aren’t dirty or smelly

 Wash linen fortnightly
Bet they wear different jamas every night

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Uniform every night (they have 1 each) towels after each use bedding once a week

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They have a uniform for every day.
All gets washed on Saturday morning.
Towels kinda when they’re damp they just got thrown in , I do a load of towels a week, sometimes 2.

 How can you afford $1500 per child ?
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 It’s not $1500.
It’s like $350 including socks.
Their jacket usually lasts about 3 years each.

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 Where are you pulling the figure $1500 from from?? My kids shirts are $25 each. 2 kids. 5 shirts each.
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 My kids shirts are $40 each, dresses are $50, shorts are $35, Jerseys are $45, Trackpants $35. Uniform prices are bloody ridiculous
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 $500 for one set each child has 3 sets $1500
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 $250 for shirts
Don’t your kids wear deodorant ?

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 Unless they are about to hit or have already hit puberty, kids don’t need deodorant. And anyway, deodorant should never replace a shower or a change of clothes. How gross.
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 Where do your kids go that costs $500 a set?! We go to a Catholics school and I find our uniform is usually $5-10 extra per peice than a public school.

My eldest daughter gets 5 dresses.
$60x4 1 sports uniform ($60) $290. 5x$8 socks. ($40)
So $330
They will all go through my second daughter with the exception of the sports shirt (it fades easily so I usually buy them all a new one )

My son is a boys boy so there’s no way he could re wear his clothes. And I don’t do washing mid week.

I don’t buy uniforms every year though, every 2-3 years.
And jumpers last 3 years easily.

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 I should mention my son wears shorts year round.
My girls only have one dress style the whole year.

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Uniforms daily or a fresh one daily. Sheets every Sunday, towels every couple of days as long as the kids have hung on towel rack and dried.

 My kids shirt is $50
Pants $120
Jumper $50
Blazer $120
Dress $60
Stockings $5
Socks $8
Tie $50

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Towels twice a week, linen roughly a week and a half, uniform jumper all week, top and pants two days

All clothes including school uniforms get washed daily. Towels daily. Bed linen once a week.

 Don’t you hang up your towels or wash your anus properly?
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Towels every second day. Linen once a week but pillowcases done twice a week. Not in school yet o no uniforms required. My eldest weren’t Jian kindy shirt once or twice as week just depend on if it’s clean or not but it’s not a compulsory shirt so it doesn’t matter.

 My eldest wears his kindy shirt**
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Uniform every day. Towels every two days. Bedsheets once a week. My kids shower before bed each night.

Kids uniforms every second day
Towels get 2 uses
Kids sheets every 2 weeks
My sheets weekly

I wash towels every second use. We all get 1 use out of our uniforms (school and work, kids get so dirty at school, and I work in chikdcare) and I wash linen every Sunday.