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What are some cheeper options (to the standard brick and tile/tin housing estate type houses) when building a house?

We are considering buying an acerage property and looking to build a 4x2, but dont want to spend $300k - which is what they seem to be these days. We built a 250sqm 4x2 18 years ago and it was $93k so im well out of touch with pricing! We're considering a shed house type of dwelling, has anyone built one or got any other suggestions. Yes we've checked with the shire and a shed house is ok, we also have BAL ratings to take into consideration. I was hoping to build something for around $200k and happy to look at options. Don't need advice on earthworks and other stuff. We live semi rural, most of our friends and family are on acerage, we own a bobcat and have access to backhoes and other machinery with lots of very capable men around including my husband. Just looking for housing ideas.


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Check out the modular houses that are built and fitted out in the factory. They truck them to your property and use a crane to put them down and fit them together. Instant house! (Besides the waiting for them to build it).

Have you looked at using shipping containers, and having them fitted out by a builder. There are a few of them on the website "living big in a tiny house".
I understand you can get them imported from China, all fitted out inside, although personally I would be suspicious of the quality, after the problems of poor quality Chinese imported highly flammable cladding, and poor quality steel that fails.
Containers are very robust and well built, so you get a waterproof exterior, but they have to be well insulated. Its worth investigating though.

Have you looked at those home kits where you choose a design and its just needs assembling?

 They can be bought complete to lockup, assembled on your block.
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 When we buy acreage we will be building a kit home. Just make sure you look at inclusions/exclusions. Same with anything really.
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OP Have been looking at kit homes but they seem to be just as expensive!
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