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Aldi shoppers.. Are all their meat and seafood frozen?

I've been to several stores and they don't have a cold section or a deli for fresh meat and seafood yet their catalogues always say 'fresh chicken breast, fresh mince' and so on. Just wondering if anyone that shops at Aldi has seen a fresh section? Hate my meat being frozen for too long is all. Thanks mommas.


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I shop at Aldi, they have a section for fresh meat but I think seafood is all frozen.

Our aldi has a cold section. Non frozen meats and salmon and some other fish not frozen.

Every aldi Ive been too in city and country has fresh cuts of meat as well as fresh packaged deli cuts of meat.

I have always seen a cold section of fresh meat and have seen some salmon and prawns not sure if anything else as I don't really look for the seafood in Aldi.

I'm not sure which stores your going to but every aldi store I have ever been into has a cold section of shelves with fresh meat. I'm not sure about seafood though as I've never looked for it.

They don't have a deli section.
But the meat is not frozen as everyone said above.
The seafood is though you can occasionally get a fresh seafood when it is on special