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What do you do to build up sexual tension during the day with your other half?

I’ve tried ‘sexting’ and sending photos, leaving things around the bedroom(toys, lube) and giving the odd grope/stroke as I walk past him. We don’t get a lot of time alone so I find a build up during the day helps me get off quicker at night. Any other ideas?


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Lots of innuendo especially if kids are around. Things he'll get but not them

A quick flash of you in your sexy underwear as you walk past..

Take your undies off when you get home and tell him your not wearing any waiting for him, turns mine right on

I do the quick grope/stroke. Maybe an extra passionate kiss. or the sexual innuendos like somebody else mentioned. Or sometime so will just point blank tell him what I want him to do to me that night. That last one is only when the kids are out of earshot though

When my partner is at work I send him cheeky, sexy little messages. Like "can we go to bed early tonight?" Or "it's Wednesday, you know that's hump day, wink wink!" Or sometimes I just come straight out and say - don't work too hard today, I have plans for you tonight lover!
When we are both at home we work each other up all day, with kisses and touches and little looks.