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What do you feed your cat if your completely broke and will run out of pet food before payday

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I can send you a click and collect for some cat food, bread and milk or whatever? Let me know and I'll put up an email address you can contact me through x

 Thank you for your generosity. I was given a small whole fish. boiled up the fish carcass and bones with rice and pureed it so there were no lumps. Happy cat for a few days ☺ thank you
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Go on a community chat site and ask for help. Cat lovers will help you with donations. Lots of caring people out there.

Off cuts of meat from dinner. Tuna, ham Coles has cat food for $2 on sale at the moment for a box

Bread, cooked rice, tuna, anything you have in the cupboard I’m sure if cAt is hungry he’ll pdobably eat whatever you give it!

If there is a community food bank/pantry nearby, try might be able to help out. I know my local one stocks pet food

I've feed my cat dog food before when I've run out and not going to the shops for a week. And any meat is fine, lactose free milk with an egg missed in will help. As long as you buy proper cat food as soon as payday comes around your cat will be fine. It's not going to due of lack of nutrition in one week. They mainly need taurine in the cat food.
My cat loves Coles brand cat food. It's only 85 cents a can. I know that doesn't help right now but maybe you could stock up on them when you do have money.

Cooked chicken Rice cheese ham tuna or get a food voucher

Do you have dog food? Not the right protein mix but its fine for short term. Or tins of tuna, tinned casserole/soup, meat, my cat likes corn 😂, fish. Any meat you have hiding in the freezer.