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How would you feel if your ex partners new partner made heaps more money than you did and spoilt your kids ?


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I'd be a little green in the gills but I'd get my kids to milk her dry!!

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My new partner earns $120k and my ex earns $55k a year and $20k in debt credit card

Make the most of it, as it is so often the other way round; they try and stop their partner (your ex), from even spending money on his own kids, but want it all spent on hers, or theirs, if they have some together.

It would depend on her intentions. If it was out of genuine love and care for the kids, no. If it was to show to me how much better she thinks she is, of course I’d have issue with It.

Fine. They get stuff without me having to pay for it

I would be grateful she cares if it was genuine. He is your ex move on with your life, make friends with them so your kids will be happy.

Does she have kids of her own ?
I have found that once the new partner has their own, they will push yours out.

 She has 3 kids
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I would love it. Unfortunately rather than being spoilt they see her and their dad spoiling her kids and not them. It's part of they reason they won't go and see their dad anymore.

I have rules around people buying my kids things I don't really care who it is or how much they earn. I don't want my kids to just get things because they wanted it, they have to earn it in some way. I also don't like my kids getting treated differently so if one is given the opportunity to earn a treat then they all should be given the opportunity.

 My ex partners new partner is taking everyone interstate jan 2nd to 8th jan to Gold Coast
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 That's a holiday though, those are for making memories
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