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First time pregnant question

Very early days, only 9 days late but have had a positive test. I've been getting random on and off bleeding, just a little gush about 50 cent piece size, 2 or three times a day. Test still positive this morning but I'm guessing this isn't a good sign?


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It’s hard to say. You really need to go see your doctor if you’re bleeding in pregnancy. They can take bloods and see if your HCG level is rising. Hope all goes well for you xx

Thanks. I had a lot more today but Dr has said to go get blood tests to find out for sure.

 Hope it works out OP xx
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Def see a doctor don’t just keep pee stick testing.
I had a tiny bit of bleeding at week 7 and thought it was all over, told family went to docs got a scan and baby was fine. Thank goodness.. hope all ok for you too but get yourself checked properly