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Has anyone had a December baby and held them back from starting school?

My daughter is turning 5yrs at the end of this year (end of December) so should technically start grade prep next year (we are in Vic). However she is emotionally and socially very young and will essentially be one of the youngest kids in her year. Has anyone been through this?


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I thought the cut off point in the year was July 1st? So a December child would be right in the average for her year.

 She’s 5 for few weeks
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 So? I don't understand how that would be a disadvantage for her? I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, but how would being one of the kids who's birthday was at the end of the year, impact her development? Surely there will be other kids in the same year group who have birthdays after hers between January and July? I can understand if she was born at the end of June, when starting school at the compulsory age would make her the youngest in her year (because anyone born from June 30th onwards would be in the next year group at school). But December?
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 Wait, to lay out my explanation easier lets give an example.
Abby was born on June 30th 2010 at 11:56pm. Her twin sister Ella was born 10 minutes later on July 1st 2010 at 00:06am.
The compulsory starting age for the first full time year of school is 6 on or before June 30th. Come 2016, Abby would be required to commence schooling, while Ella, would have the option of staying back until 2017 to start (because her birthday is on July 1st). Does that make more sense?

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 Different responder- but in the title you said December baby- I was confused too.. is there a December baby?
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 In qld it’s if they are turning 6 within the school year they must be enrolled December 5th is usually the break here so many decemeber kids won’t turn 6 within the school year.

But you can also get expemptions for November and December kids.
It’s as simple as going to the gp and siting development delays.

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 The OP said she was in Vic. Cut off in Vic is April not June.
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 Okay, but even with the cut off in Victoria being April, December is still smack bang in the middle of the age range....
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 It’s still the same in Vitoria they must be enrolled in school by the time they are 6. The “cut off” makes no difference as that’s in reference to starting early.
As in qld exemptions can apply.
If they are late December no exemption is needed as they were not 6 within the school terms.

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But the cut off is June 30, so a December baby will be in the middle bracket. That would be perfect. I really don’t get why you’d hold them back because they were born in December...or....are the rules different in different states? I’m WA.

 Rules are different in each state. Cut off is April for Vic
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 Plus the trend seems to be to hold kids back so chances are her daughter would end up being up to 11 months younger than some of her peers which is a huge amount in terms of children’s development...
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 ^Dont hold kids back because of a trend. You arent doing your child any favours. Just making it harder unfairly on others whose kids are ready to attend school. Only hold your child back if they arent ready.
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 If they are “ready” to attend school then it doesn’t make it unfair. If they can’t keep up then they shouldn’t be sent early.

The rule is there for good reason, to work for the wide range of kids entering. Some kids are ready at 4.5 some not till they are 6 and if a 4.5 year old can’t keep up with 5.5-6 year old then they aren’t ready to start

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As the kinder teacher what they feel is best knowing the child in their care. They will tell u if they are ready.

My daughter, who is 37 now, was born in December. She was smart and seemed socially ready. Her pediatrician said that we should hold her back so that in high school she would benefit from being older. He was right and I am glad that we listened to his advice.

 I second this, I held my daughter back in primary when she got to high school she is older and happier.
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I did.

Best choice ever!! She thrives in prep at 6 rather than survived, and she went with her sister who started at 5 (they are 11 months apart) she was only ready for kindy at 5.
My third was January 25 and also held him back.
My twins who are march 20 will go at 4 (I think) I’m battling with the choice but I think they are not only ready but also have each other.

If you feel she isn’t ready go with your gut!! Better she get a bit bored toward the end of kindy than struggle her first year!

 Have any of the other parents commented on her being older in prep...?
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 Only 1 mum who started her June child at 4.5. Comments it was a bit “unfair” there was such an age gap and is always very quick to remark on my daughters age whenever she does well.
. My daughter wasn’t ready so she’s on par socially and behind academically. Her child is very bright , top of the grade sort of bright , and still complains when my child wins grade sports. However my child can beat kids 2-3 years older, so it’s really redundant. She would dominate her grade athletically anyways. Funny how she doesn’t mention her sister who often goes tit for tat with her out in front even though I sent her at 4 😂.

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 depends how bored is 'a bit bored'. My second child is a december baby, shes very bright although she is a bit behind in some areas like co-ordination. If I had held her back she would have been bored out of her skull. The problems from holding a bright child back can be things like anxiety and having them act out or develop negative habits because they are bored.
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Has she been going to kinder this year?

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My son was born nov and held him back

 Can I ask how that’s turned out? Is he happy and doing well? Does he stand out in terms of being older and does it matter? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just a bit confused about it all!
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 He’s fine thanks
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 I repeated year 6 and I was fine
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 Did you repeat because you started young?
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 I repeated cause the public school was shit and went to a private school
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Research shows it’s better to be the oldest rather than the youngest in the class. This has been asked before on this site so look for those answers too xx

 What I have read shows that its better in some ways to be older and some ways to be younger actually. Im in SA so we dont have the choice but if we did I might have held one of my 3 back. The other 2 would have been bored shitless and found the work too easy. All 3 of them are in the youngest few kids in the class. At least its only a years difference here between youngest to oldest.
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When will children arrive with their own manual? It would make things much easier. There really is no right or wrong answer here, I'm sure you will make a great decision for you and your child and that is all that matters. It feels a tough decision as there is so much competitiveness around early childhood and also a big wrench to send you little person out into the world. You do have plenty of options - Maybe it is a case of finding the right school environment that feels right to you, where you and your daughter will feel like part of the school community. Maybe chat to your Child Health Nurse who are experts in childhood development - if your child's social and emotional development is an area of concern for you they will be able to provide or direct you to support available. My "on the cusp"child did K-PP and Yr 1 at a beautiful independent school then Yr1 - 2 in Govt school. Worked out wonderfully well. Best wishes.

My oldest is born in march and turned 5 this year so was 4 when she started school. She is doing well and thriving and loving it. My youngest is born in January and is only 3 this year but I think I will hold off until she is 6 as she is immature compared to her sister. I have no doubt that she will need that extra year of preschool. Its 100% down to the individual child and whether or not you think they are ready. We are in NSW.

I work with preschoolers. We have suggested a few late December children have another preschool year.

It has been beneficial for them, giving them refined skills and seem so much more ready for school.

My daughter's birthday is the end of April. In NSW the cut off is June 30. I held her back. She went to preschool for 2 years instead of 1. Best decision for us.