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So.e family friends keep rocking up to our house! They aren't taking this covid 19 thing seriously and if we tell them they cant be here they carry on like we are freak out panic people!

We're not, but we're trying to do the right thing and I'm really worried we will get dobbed in by a neighbour and get in trouble. They have a big loud car, 4 kids, 2 dogs and they just burst into the house and it's absolute chaos and noise! It's really stressing me out! Its almost always right on dinner time and its always all of them. i can't believe they are putting us in this position. They just laugh when i tell them they can't be here and challenge me on the facts/laws to 'prove' what im saying and then they just discount it and say there is no law about private property, just public gatherings. OMFG, Their dog won't stop fucking barking! Im stressed enough as it is and i really resent them at the moment. If i open my mouth again im going to seriously lose my shit at them!


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You need to lose your shit at them!! Bloody hell, I wouldnt want to be friends with people who not only disrespectful but also have so little regard for you and your families health and wellbeing. Tell them to take a hike!

What state are you in? In NSW you can be fined $11,000 for leaving your house for non essential trips. I think other states have something similar. Remind them of that. Also lock your door. Do not let them in no matter how much they carry on. I think you need to re-evaluate your friendship as well. True friends will respect your wishes. Smart people will stay home!

Lock your doors and tell them to f**k off. Call the cops if they refuse to leave.

It sounds like these people are being disrespectful and rude. You have tried telling them the truth and it hasn’t worked so it might be time to try a small white lie. Text them and tell them that they won’t be able to visit at the moment because your neighbors have been dobbing on people. Tell them that you don’t want to cause issues with your neighbors and that they are not to come over. Send them a link to one of the many news articles stating that people cannot have visitors over or they will be fined. If this doesn’t work you need to lock your door and when they next come over tell them that you aren’t feeling well and that they can’t come in.

I think it is illegal to congregate at home. This may be crazy, i cant believe im saying it, but maybe you need to call the police on them. They are a public health risk, not just a risk to you and your family. Good luck, and i dont blame you for feeling this way. X

 AND grrrrrr! They are bloody idiots!
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Lose your shit, love. They deserve it, and the bonus? They'll not come around anymore. The fact that they do this at dinner time suggests it's intentional, so you feed them. They're using you and they're sh*t people. A lot of people, during these times, will discover who their friends really are and who they need to cull.

Lock the door and tell them to go home while you spray a can of glen20 at them. If they can’t be considerate enough to respect your wishes then it wouldn’t be much of a loss if they cut the friendship.

I would report you if you were my neighbours, this sounds like a nightmare. Get your hubby to step in and tell them they cannot come in, you stay in the background and they will get the point

True friends would respect your wishes even if they don’t agree with what you have to say.
I would be pissed if people showed up at dinner time every time and on top of that brought their dogs! They sound more like users than friends!!
Tell them if you get a fine they will be responsible for it because you’ve asked them to leave and they wouldn’t.

Pretend you’re not home
Lock the door and tell them to get lost through the window
Call the cops and have them fined for refusing to leave
Have a neighbour tell them they’re calling the cops when they pull up
Tell them you have the virus and are in quarantine
Tell them the friendship is over because they are so inconsiderate

That’s all I’ve got right now but you have to do something they’re jerks

The Government has just announced that they have solved your problem. Just got an email from my M.P. about Stage Three restrictions in Victoria. I'm sure it's the same in other states. Copy it off the internet and stick it on the front door. Then don't open the door. Quote from MP email: 'The Premier (Vic) has now announced restricting indoor and outdoor gatherings to no more than two people, except for members of your immediate household and for work or education. Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor gyms will also close. These Stage Three restrictions came into effect from 11:59pm 30 March 2020 and will be reviewed after four weeks. If people breach these directions they face on-the-spot fines of $1,652 for individuals and $9,913 for businesses. Larger fines can also be issued through the courts.
The message from the Premier is clear – there are only four reasons to leave your home: food and supplies, medical care, exercise, work or education.

 Yep, i know this. But i haven't seen anything worded specific to private homes, everything is 'public' gatherings. You could go for a walk (youre allowed to exercise), to a friends house, and talk to them on the driveway, or could go into their house. My mate is a cop and she said they've been told you're allowed to have 1 guest. Does the government actually have the power to fine you for having someone on your own private property? Not opinion or interpretation or 'stay at home' etc but actual website link from the federal government where it states in black and white that 'you can not have a single person on your private property that doesnt live in your house and you can be fined if you do'.
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 There's an app called coronavirus Australia. It can answer some things according to your state. And YES there are things you can be fined for if you dont listen. People have already been fined but I think it's mostly the asshole who think they're above the rules
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 'All Australians are required to stay home unless it is absolutely necessary to go outside.'


Under Household heading.

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Lock your door. Put a sign up saying you’re all at the covid clinic showing symptoms.

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I suggest phoning your local police station and discussing this with them. Google the police + suburbs and you'll get their landline. They may refer you to someone else or set up a time to appear at your house. You might have to call to say those friend/relatives have arrived. The police won't disclose who dobbed because that's been covered by law for years. I've seen police, rangers and council evade that nicely.