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So.e family friends keep rocking up to our house! They aren't taking this covid 19 thing seriously and if we tell them they cant be here they carry on like we are freak out panic people!

We're not, but we're trying to do the right thing and I'm really worried we will get dobbed in by a neighbour and get in trouble. They have a big loud car, 4 kids, 2 dogs and they just burst into the house and it's absolute chaos and noise! It's really stressing me out! Its almost always right on dinner time and its always all of them. i can't believe they are putting us in this position. They just laugh when i tell them they can't be here and challenge me on the facts/laws to 'prove' what im saying and then they just discount it and say there is no law about private property, just public gatherings. OMFG, Their dog won't stop fucking barking! Im stressed enough as it is and i really resent them at the moment. If i open my mouth again im going to seriously lose my shit at them!


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