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How did you meet your spouse?


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I was working at a strip club at 20 and my husband was there with a few friends and he liked me. 😂
He came back after a few times just to see me, I got freaked out a little at the start because some men do get really weird and possessive but going strong 10 years later, 2 kids and now own my own strip club. 🙂

Got back together with my first boyfriend at our 20 year highschool reunion

Night club 13 years ago 😍

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My high school boyfriend and I got invited to mates 18th and he tried to tell me I couldn't go because I was still underage (I turned 18 like 3 weeks later) and went by himself. Said friend had it in his backyard specifically so I could go mind you. Boyfriend was just a controlling douche. So I got on the drinks with a girlfriend that night and got the shits and we dressed up as strippers (bras, tiny mini skirts, fishnets, bunny ears, heels, the works, in the middle of winter so we were freezing lol) and gate crashed. And by gate crash I mean I threw the back gate open, screamed really loud, yelled "and the entertainment is FINALLY here" and me and said girlfriend danced, mingled a bit and went home. My now husband is my mates cousin and was at the party. And that's how we met lol. Turns out we had a few mutual friends as well and we worked together for a bit after that so we always kind of knew each other but didn't really have much to do with each other until a few years ago we were both single and he started following me around like a lost puppy and bringing up my stripper episode lol. We recently got married so I'd say me being the sort of girl who hates being told what to do eventually paid off for me 😂. His version of the story is different. He responds with "So I was at this 18th and this chick gate crashed as a stripper. Took me 10 years, but I finally got to take her home" 😂😂

We met in school. We have known each other since we were 8 years old.

Met in High School, came to find out we both crushed on each other months before dating 8 years later with two beautiful boys!!

He worked with the guy my mum was having an affair with.

At work. We were both married but both in bad places with our respective partners. From the time we first kissed to the time we left our spouses was three weeks for me and four weeks for him. We knew it was the right thing to do and that we were made for each other. Thirteen years down the track we are still going strong.

My older brothers friend (+ went to the same high school).

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I met my husband on the internet in the year 2000! Before internet dating, tinder etc were invented :P Four children later and we're still going strong :)